Selected works by Ian Kiaer

Ian Kiaer
Russian Project


Multimedia Installation

Portrait of Irina;35 x 40 cm/ Green Sun; 30 x 36 cm/ Modular City; 20 x 10 x 5 cm/ Studio; 20 x 20 x 20 cm/ Proun; 240 cm

Ian Kaier’s installations conject illusionary atmospheres with spartan theatricality. Often researching specific subjects relating to art, architecture, philosophy, and social theory as departure points, Kaier’s work transcends literal reading to create suggestions of invented narratives. In Russian Project, Kaier’s arrangement of paintings and objects is both traditional gallery exhibition and plausible stage set. The portable cupboard and colourful canvases trigger images of domestic space, and act as individual formal elements referencing Supremacist compositions. Though his work, Kaier explores social interaction with the constructed environment, alluding to both utopian ideals and their failure.

Ian Kiaer
Insadong proposal / National Fishing Competition


Polystyrene, plastic, watercolour on linen

Cubes; 21.5 x 25.5 x 25.5 cm/ Painting; 150 x 213.5 cm
Ian Kiaer
Endless house project: Faro / Barrett-Browning


Cardboard, plastic, wood, polyester and eggshells

Painting; 81 x 61 cm/ Model1; 72 x 25 x 18 cm/ Model 2; 5 x 5 x 125 cm/ Model 3; 11 x 10 x 11.5 cm

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Modern and contemporary artists and art; Ian Kiaer
Alison Jacques Gallery, representing gallery
A tableaux of delicate and small objects, placed specifically and deliberately in relation to each other by Ian Kiaer, creates a poignant context. Somehow the strange combination of spatial arrangement and implied narrative is a reminder of a biblical scene, almost forgotten or only seasonally-glimpsed through images of the nativity.
Ian Kiaer makes carefully constructed groupings of found objects, architectural models, paintings and drawings which form poetic narratives. The humble nature of Kiaer's materials contrasts directly with the epic subjects they depict; a block of polystyrene represents a snow-covered sweep of land; an upturned plastic waste bin stands in for a sheer cliff face.
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery - New York by Michael Wilson
"Endless Theatre Project," Kiaer's US solo debut, is inspired by the architectural theories of Claude-Nicholas Ledoux and Frederick Kiesler, specifically their radical ideas about theater design.
Tate Britain's Art Now programme reflects current developments in contemporary British art. It consists of up to five exhibitions a year which demonstrate the quality and variety of new art in the UK.
Ian Kiaer at Tanya Bonakdarby Brian Boucher
What might Ian Kiaer mean with his abject evocations of utopian architecture? Often based on research into relatively obscure 20th-century visionary architects, Kiaer's works restate his predecessors' grand schemes on a tiny scale.
Endless house Project (Salisbury Walk / Geese)
This is Part of a project that is based on Friedric Kiesler’s notion of the ‘endless house’. He developed his theory on a one family unit house, infinitely adjustable, that provided the moist conducive environment for implementing his ideas of the co-relation of living / thinking / dwelling.