Selected works by Ian Monroe

Ian Monroe


Vinyl on steel

250 x 475

In the work of Ian Monroe architectonic space is brought to the foreground, the surface of the work and the materials of its making are given prominence. The artist investigates the nature of idealised space: the showroom, the corporate office atrium, the church, and the hyper real environments of science fiction and computer games. All these spaces cater to, or project onto us, specific desires or lifestyles that maintain certain kinds of collective social myths.

Ian Monroe
Canyon Recreated


Mixed media on paper

274 x 449 cm

Canyon Recreated is a sculptor’s version of landscape painting; an imaginary place where the architecture of the space is literally amplified through the mountains of speakers. Monroe takes the virtue out of painting, replacing paint with collaged materials ranging from paper, vinyl, carpet, and linoleum. Through this construction process Monroe lends a sense of solidity to his image, literally building a space which isn’t there. It’s a way of cheating at image-making: readymade colour fields fill in his hand-drawn pattern, creating a painting without rendering.

Ian Monroe


Mixed media on vinyl

210 x 360 cm

Monroe takes the virtue out of painting, replacing paint with collaged materials ranging from paper, vinyl, carpet, and linoleum. Through this construction process Monroe lends a sense of solidity to his image, literally building a space which isn’t there. It’s a way of cheating at image-making: readymade colour fields fill in his hand-drawn pattern, creating a painting without rendering.

Ian Monroe


Vinyl on steel

300 x 520 cm

The confrontational scale of Ian Monroe’s work bats the viewer back and forth between experiential space and the impenetrable surface, describing forms that lie parallel to the picture frame, and placing Monroe’s collages somewhere between painting and sculpture.

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Ian Monroe's Biography

Ian Monroe
Born in 1972, Cooperstown, New York, USA
Lives and works in London


S.I.M., FOLD Gallery, London

Glyph Graph, Horatio Junior, London

63mm, Punk and Sheep, London

And Also The View, Galeria Casado Santapau, Madrid

Currents 105, St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri, USA

NO-STOP-CITY, Galeria Casado Santa Pau, Madrid

The Instantaneous Everything, Haunch of Venison, Berlin

Planit, Haunch of Venison, London

All Possibilities Are Visible But Unknown, Upstairs Berlin

Ian Monroe, Haunch of Venison, Z√ľrich
They Built Upon It, Haunch of Venison London

Ian Monroe, Hammer Sidi Gallery, London


New Relics ,Thameside Gallery, London

In The Future, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London

From Pablo Picasso to Robert Rauschenberg - Gift of Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Germany Heiner, Céline und Aeneas Bastian
Sea of Data , Unit 3 Projects, London

Either Those Curtains, Fold Gallery, London
Edition Zero, Ses Dotze Naus, Ibiza
The Ontology of Influence, Des Lee Gallery, St Louis
Imperfect Reverse, Camberwell Space, London, and Anglia Ruskin University Gallery, Cambridge
Shelfie, Delta House, Wimbledon

Out of the Darkness, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark
Between Thought and Space Dilston Grove, London

Between Thought and Space, Camberwell College of Arts, London

With Torch and Spear, Winchester College of Art, Winchester
Image/Object, Furini Arte Contemporanea, Rome

Parallel Universe, Charlie Dutton Gallery. London
Everything But, Don Omladine Gallery, Belgrade
Daydreaming With . . . ,Artistree, Hong Kong

As The World Turns, New Art From London, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney
Common Logic, Image Music Text Gallery, London

Dawnbreakers,John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton
The Marienbad Palace, Highlanes Gallery, Droichead Arts Centre, Dublin
Surface Warp Factor, Aubin Gallery, London
Daydreaming, Haunch of Venison, London
Beskrivelse Uden Sted Gallerie, M√łller Witt, Aarhus, Denmark
Terminator, Camberwell College of Art, London

On The Line, Crimes Town Contemporary Art, London, UK
Metro-Land, 50 London Artists, Merriscourt, Oxfordshire, UK
Straylight Cavern, Cell Projects, London, UK
Hypersurface FX, Margini Arte Contemporanea, Massa, Italy

Parallax, Fieldgate Gallery, London, UK
Straylight Cavern, Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design Dundee, curated by Cell Projects
Take Me There - Show Me The Way, Haunch of Venison, New York, USA. Curated by Michael Rooks
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks; Recent Developments in Painting, Den Frie
Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark
HyperSurface, OVADA, Oxford, UK
Schil/Ders, De Constant Rebecqueplein (DCR), The Hague, Netherlands
HyperSurface, Rod Barton Invites, London

Design for Living, Initial Access, Wolverhampton, England
Raumwelten, Kunsthalle Arnstadt, Arnstadt, Germany.
Existencias, Museo De Arte Contemporaneo De Castilla Y Leon, Spain
Odd Spaces, Galerie M√łller Witt, Aarhus, Denmark

Slider, Cell Projects, London, England
Recent Acquisitions, Hamburger Banhof, Berlin, Germnay
The City is Not a Tree, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Slider, Cell Projects, London, UK

Utopian Architecture, Upstairs Berlin, Germany
The Marx Collection, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany
Ian Monroe and Emma Stibbon: Utopian Architecture, Upstairs Berlin, Germany
Infrastructure, Studio Voltaire, London
Winterzauber, Upstairs Berlin, Germany

Edge of the Real, Whitechapel, London, UK
Selected Sculpture, MW Projects, London, UK
Cinderella, Trailer Projects, London, UK
Contra Pop, Vamiali’s Gallery, Athens, Greece

Bag Lady, Cell Projects, London, UK
Reduced, Century Gallery, London
Debris, Martinez Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
Godzilla, Trailer Projects, London, UK
Saatchi Gallery, County Hall, London, UK
The Queen Mum Show, One in the Other Gallery, London, UK
Chockerfuckinblocked, Jeffery Charles Gallery, London, UK
RSVP, 5 Cork Street, London, UK

Present, Hammer Sidi Gallery, London, UK
The Way to Happiness, VTO Gallery, London, UK
Trailer Presents, Guns and Roses, Trailer Projects, London, UK
Lend us £100m, 21 Dingley Road, London, UK

Art Below Zero, Notting Hill Arts Club, London, UK

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, USA

Imminent Impact, The Colony Studios, Los Angeles, USA