Idris Khan Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Idris Khan
Every...Bernd And Hilla Becher Gable Sided Houses


Photographic print

208 x 160 cm
Since 1959 Bernd and Hilla Becher have been photographing industrial structures that exemplify modernist engineering, such as gas reservoirs and water towers. Their photographs are often presented in groups of similar design; their repeated images make these everyday buildings seem strangely imposing and alien. Idris Khan’s Every... Bernd And Hilla Becher... series appropriates the Bechers’ imagery and compiles their collections into single super-images. In this piece, multiple images of American-style gabled houses are digitally layered and super-imposed giving the effect of an impressionistic drawing or blurred film still.
Idris Khan
The Creation


Lightjet print mounted on aluminium

183 x 305 cm
Idris Khan
Every...Bernd And Hilla Becher Prison Type Gasholders


Photographic print

208 x 160 cm
The structures in the Bechers’ original photographs are almost identical, though in Khan’s hands the images’ contrast and opacity is adjusted to ensure each layer can be seen and has presence. Though Khan works in mechanised media and his images are of industrial subjects, their effect is of a soft ethereal energy. They exude a transfixing spiritual quality in their densely compacted details and ghostly outlines. ...Prison Type Gasholders conveys a sense of time depicted in motion, as if transporting the old building, in its obsolete black and white format, into the extreme future.
Idris Khan
Every...Bernd And Hilla Becher Spherical Type Gasholders


Photographic print

208 x 160 cm
The Bechers took their photos as a means to document a disappearing tradition; by grouping them according to ‘typology’ the buildings’ designs function like archetypal symbols or an architectural language. Through Khan’s translucent aggregations, structures such as ...Spherical Type Gasholders lose their commanding simplicity and rigid formalism and descend into fractured and gestural blurs. Through his photographs Khan compresses the timeline of repetition into indivisible subsuming moments and creates a poetic mutability from the fixed codes of history.

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Idris Khan's Biography

Idris Khan
Born in 1978, Birmingham
Lives and works in London, England


Idris Khan: Last 3 Piano Sonatas . . . after Franz Schubert, I.D.E.A. Space at Colorado College, Colorado Springs
Idris Khan, Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Elementa, Dubai
Lines - Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin

Every…, K20, Dusseldorf
Fragile, Permanent Public Art Commission, 9 Howick Place, London
Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dusseldorf, Germany

Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York
Thomas Schulte Galerie, Berlin

A Memory After Bach’s Cello Suites, film installation, Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris
Victoria Miro Gallery, London
A Memory After Bach’s Cello Suites, film installation, inIVA, London
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Future Focus, The Q Gallery, Derby

Courts, The City Gallery, Leicester


Haunted: Fotografía/Vídeo/Performance contemporáneos - Museo Guggenheim de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo, Bilbao
No New Thing Under the Sun - Royal Academy of Arts, London (England)
STILL/moving - The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Newspeak: British Art Now - The Saatchi Gallery, London (England)
Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance - Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, NY

The Collection, Victoria Miro Gallery, London
Silent Writings, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris, France
Natural Wonders: New Art from London (curated by Nick Hackworth), Baibakov Art Projects, Moscow
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Order from Chaos: Ori Gersh/Idris Khan/Boo Ritson, CAF - Andalusian Center of Photography, Spain
Bookish – When books become art, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland
A Memory After Bach’s Cello Suites, Kunst Film Biennale, Cologne
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Art Park, Art Dubai

Mario Testino at Home (curated by Mario Testino), Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York
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Birmingham Arts Festival, Birmingham
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Imposing Order: Contemporary Photography and the Archive, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Film-maker Focus, The Encounters Short Film Festival, Bristol
Regeneration – 50 Photographers of Tomorrow, Aperture Foundation Gallery, New York
Le Studio – Project Room, Yvon Lambert, Paris

Something of the Night, Leeds City Gallery, Leeds, UK
Andmoreagain, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
To be continued… Helsinki Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland (British Council)
Regeneration – 50 Photographers of Tomorrow, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland/Galleria Corso
Como, Milan
Young Masters, 148a St. John Street, London
Photography 2005, Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Photo Paris represented by The Photographers Gallery, London
Project Space: ‘The Truth Society,’ Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland
Arrivals, Pump House Gallery, Battersea, London
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Show 1 MA, Royal College of Art, London
Photography 2004, Royal College of Art, London

Auslander, The Dahl Gallery, Lucerne, Switzerland
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Another Way Is Possible, Royal College of Art, London