Selected works by Inez de Coo

Inez de Coo
Oh Dreamland


Digital video on DVD

Length:3 minutes


Inez de Coo
By Inez de Coo

The cinema provides the main source of inspiration for my video works and digital collages. I apply ideas I encounter in film theory and history with psychoanalysis and filosophy and use them to interpret situations and moments in life that border between fiction and reality. Encounters in new environments and countries make me ever more aware of my index of references concerning film and make a frequent change of location of vital importance to my work. These experiences confirm my belief that cinema shows a unique perspective on our shared social and cultural heritage as a record of collective memory, a perspective that can be applied to circumstances in any time or location.

With my work I investigate techniques of manipulation, our personal encounters with the medium of film and the effect cinema ultimately has on our lives. I try to achieve a sense of immersion and criticality with my work while also discussing concerns on voyeurism and scopophilia. Fundamentally I look into the moving image’s ability to make us aware of time, mortality and the undefinable borders of our world.

Using found footage enables me to combine images from a certain time and a very specific fictional space with my own personal experiences and imagination. The use of digital film gives my work an aesthetic that provides a suitable contrast with the found material and allows for a direct connection to the current media age. Sourcing footage mainly from the midcentury culture of film, I address issues of nostalgia and the medium of film in its transformation to the digital age.

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