Jacob Dahl Jürgensen

Selected works by Jacob Dahl Jürgensen

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen
Folly (The Mysticals' Sphere)


Copper piping, light bulbs, electrical cable and components

248 x 309 x 309 cm

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen’s sculptures pose as fictive relics, the possible artefacts of a future archaeology unearthing the ethnological debris of today. Influenced by early 20th century Modernism, Jürgensen often quotes from art history: intertwining recognisable forms and ideologies with fragments of popular culture to create ritualistic monuments divining a contemporary spirituality. Jürgensen’s Folly (The Mystical’s Sphere) nods to the futuristic architecture of Tatlin and Fuller; the sparse copper structure standing as a theatrical oracle, emanating a primitive occultism from the power of low-watt light bulbs.

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen
Brutalithic Constellation


Concrete and spray paint

210 x 210 x 60 cm

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