Jaishri Abichandani

Selected works by Jaishri Abichandani

Jaishri Abichandani
Allah O Akbar (and detail)


Leather whip, wire, paint, swarovski crystals

65 x 450 cm (Dimensions variable)

Allah O Akbar is created from black whips, painted in green and red and mounted against a white wall. The work incorporates the colours of the Iraqi flag (green, red, black and white) and also uses the same Kufic script to recreate the phrase or takbir used on the flag and recited by many Muslims. Literally translated the words mean ‘God is Great’. However, as an American opposed to the war in Iraq, Abichandani references recent political violence unleashed in the country, by using leather whips and Swarovski crystals to form this phrase.

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Bodhi Art, New York.
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In Reconciliations, an ongoing series of appropriated images of cities and landscapes culled from the Internet and photoshopped together, Abichandani has transferred the intimacy of her private life and the idiosyncrasies of her vision to the public realm of geopolitics.

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My work explores the relationships between individual and collective selves and their effect on society. Primarily a political artist, my work integrates multiple aesthetics reflecting my identity as a feminist South Asian American artist. Producing psychologically charged, material and ephemeral works that invite collaborations between subject & artist, space & spectators, my dual practices of art and cultural production manifest as images, objects, videos, performances and exhibitions.

Based on research in Tantra (an aspect of Hinduism) Jaishri has created a series of 4 X 4 feet hand painted photographic prints improvising on the archetypal South Asian forms of Chakras, Yantras and Mandalas. Abichandani uses photographs and self portraits to address contemporary socio-political and existential issues.

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