Selected works by James Clarkson

James Clarkson
Relief Construction


Citroen Picasso car windows, windscreen wiper blades, exhaust parts and an exploded metal replica of Picasso`s signature

90 x 220 cm
James Clarkson
A Curve on the Right


Interior door trim, windscreen wiper blade, paint, bungee cord, hook, metal

167 x 80 x 12 cm
James Clarkson
A Spot on the Left


Bonnet stays interior window trim, oil filter, rubber bung, paint, wood

175 x 125 cm
James Clarkson
One Black Curve...Then Another


Interior door trim, heat shrink, windscreen wiper blade, paint, bungee cord, metal, hand stained wood panelling, washers

240 x 265 x 12 cm
James Clarkson
A Painted Sun As A Yellow Spot (Installation)


Dimensions variable

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