Selected works by James Howard

James Howard


46 digital prints

Dimensions variable

“The 'schizo-core' mechanic is my process of manipulating digital material to open up new ways of thinking. When you realign disparate things, and allow them to be multiple, it makes a very fertile ground. Social norms are turned inside-out, leading to a tangle of surreal juxtapositions which expose all the energy of what it means to be living right now in the universe.” -


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Most contemporary artists dream of having a work bought by Charles Saatchi. James Howard, a student at the Royal Academy Schools, was shocked to discover yesterday that Britain´┐Żs most influential collector of contemporary art wanted 46 of his ´┐Ż an entire graduation show. Howard, 26, one of 19 students who have just completed the RA Schools´┐Ż postgraduate course, was fast asleep when Mr Saatchi popped into the academy last week.
The annual Schools Show sees the transformation of the RA Schools studios into a stunning contemporary gallery space.
This year's show highlights works by 19 RA Schools students who have completed their three-year postgraduate course. The exhibition, which provides an excellent opportunity to view new work by emerging artists, includes art from a variety of media including painting, sculpture, digital printmaking and video.

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