Selected works by James Howard

James Howard


46 digital prints

Dimensions variable

“All of the images and quite a lot of the text were hijacked from real spam emails in my junk folder. I collaged them together to make new narratives. It’s all done with Photoshop, but I also use other kinds of graphic software that’s been cracked – I try to keep my work quite faithful to how real Internet scammers do it. Spam preys on our insecurities and needs; in the privacy of our own homes everything becomes much more available and dangerous. I often make installations with monitors, but used digital prints for this work to reference the adverts in the back of magazines. It’s like the gallery space can be divided into advertising plots, with wall space sold off by the square metre. I think of this piece as a portrait of today and my work is a sort of on-going social commentary. I work with urgency to get as much of this stuff processed before it’s entirely lost: soon spam filters will be so advanced that we’ll forget what a spam email ever was.”

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Yesterday was a weird day. I opened the paper to see a big picture of myself, spent most of the morning answering calls from journalists and by early evening I was talking about food with Chris Evans on Radio 2 (we were meant to be talking about art but I think he was put off when I started describing one of my works live on air).
Most contemporary artists dream of having a work bought by Charles Saatchi. James Howard, a student at the Royal Academy Schools, was shocked to discover yesterday that Britain´┐Żs most influential collector of contemporary art wanted 46 of his ´┐Ż an entire graduation show. Howard, 26, one of 19 students who have just completed the RA Schools´┐Ż postgraduate course, was fast asleep when Mr Saatchi popped into the academy last week.
The annual Schools Show sees the transformation of the RA Schools studios into a stunning contemporary gallery space.
This year's show highlights works by 19 RA Schools students who have completed their three-year postgraduate course. The exhibition, which provides an excellent opportunity to view new work by emerging artists, includes art from a variety of media including painting, sculpture, digital printmaking and video.