Josephine Meckseper

Josephine Meckseper Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Josephine Meckseper
I Love Jesus


Aluminum, Plexiglas, glass, lights, C-print, metal display stands, plastic mannequin leg, argyle sock, found jewelry, gouache and tape on inkjet print mounted on cardboard, toilet brush, feather duster, acrylic on glass ball, glass vases

226.1 x 116.8 x 45.7 cm
Josephine Meckseper makes collages and installations that reconstruct the worlds of contemporary advertising and fashion in the context of the gallery, as a way of critiquing the political implications of the iconography of consumer culture.
Josephine Meckseper
Talk to Cindy


Aluminum, Plexiglas, glass, lights, metal display stands, painted toilet plunger, ink jet print mounted on cardboard underwear box, found jewelry, gouache and tape on inkjet print mounted on cardboard, found metal scrubber, found jewelry, glass ball,

226.1 x 116.8 x 45.7 cm
In her display cases and photographs we see people and things re-objectified, symbolically removed from their original, all too familiar mediated contexts, and rearranged into self-consciously mirrored window dressing. ‘Yes, the mirror and chrome sculptures, glass-and-steel vitrines, and mirror slatwalls are not affirmations or glorifications of consumerism,’ Meckseper says. ‘Their shiny surfaces are meant as provocations for destruction. They are designed to be targets, like high-end shop windows being smashed during riots and protests. These works mimic retail aesthetics in order to activate the commercial zone into a political one.’
Josephine Meckseper
Selling Out


Window display with mixed media

78 x 148 x 35 cm
In Untitled (2005) a naked mannequin standing in front of a terrorist biography (which also appears in Selling Out, 2004) wears a hoodie and scarf, both menacing and politically charged items as well as emblems of ‘radical chic’. Issues around power, class, nationalism and gender are raised through the fetishised, cropped poses of underwear models and anthropomorphic props in Blow Up (Michelli) (2006) and Untitled (End Democracy) (2005).
Josephine Meckseper
Occident – Orient (RUG NO.3)


Mixed Fabrics

139 X 270 cm

Ubi Pedes Ibi.Patria (Where the feet are, there is the fatherland) (2006) provokes free-associative thoughts of sweatshop labour, bargain basement desperation, social homogeneity and images of shoe piles from the Holocaust. A witty take on cultural consumption, The Complete History of Postcontemporary Art (2005) is redolent with 1990s art allusions, while in Pyromaniac 2 (2003) lifestyle ideals merge with revolutionary violence in a female model on the brink of self-combustion.

Josephine Meckseper



106 x 165.5 cm

Meckseper’s politically engaged works highlight ongoing problems of corporate corruption, status anxiety, social privilege and representations of women. They are also a chilling reminder of the excesses and distortions of capitalism, which has created a world in which, she would argue, there is no separation between materialism and political ideology: we are what we buy.

Josephine Meckseper


Mannequin, fabric, found jewelry, inkjet print on fabric, acrylic and fabric on canvas.

Mannequin: 144.8 x 66 x 43.8 cm
Painting: 61 x 61 cm
Collage: 41 x 41 cm
Josephine Meckseper
Ubi Pedes Ibi. Patria. (Where the feet are, there is the fatherland)


Shoes, display carousel

153 x 83cm
Josephine Meckseper
Pyromaniac 2



101 x 76 cm
Josephine Meckseper
Untitled (Berlin Demonstration, Fire, Cops)



76 x 101 cm
Josephine Meckseper
RAF Tray



50.8 x 40.6 cm
Josephine Meckseper
Untitled (Berlin Demonstration, Police Brigade)



76 x 101 cm
Josephine Meckseper
Tout Va Bien


Mixed media in display window

160 x 250.2 x 60 cm
Josephine Meckseper
The Complete History of Postcontemporary Art


Mixed media in display window

160 x 250.2 x 60 cm
Josephine Meckseper
Untitled (End Democracy) (Detail)


Inkjet print, Plexiglas, plastic mannequin torso, metal stand, mirror on wood

144 x 122 x 122 cm
Josephine Meckseper
Blow Up (Michelli)


Mixed media in display vitrine

208.3 x 243.8 x 68.6 cm

Josephine Meckseper's Biography

Josephine Meckseper
Born in 1964, Germany
Lives and works in New York


MFA, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

Graduate studies, Hochschule der KĂŒnste, Berlin


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American Leg, Window Spaces, Contemporary Art Museum, Vancouver, Canada
Worpsweder Kunsthalle, Worpswede, Germany

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american apparel , Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham
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