Selected works by Josh Faught

Josh Faught


Hemp, nail polish, spray paint, indigo, logwood, toilet paper, pins, books, plaster, yarn, hand made wooden sign, denim, and gloves

203.2 x 304.8 cm
Josh Faught
It Takes a Lifetime to Get Exactly Where You Are


Handwoven sequin trim, handwoven hemp, cedar blocks, cotton, polyester, wool, cochineal dye (made from ground up bugs), straw hat with lace, toilet paper, paper towels, scrapbooking letters, Jacquard woven reproduction of a panel from the AIDS quilt, silk handkerchief, indigo, political pins, disaster blanket, gourd, gold leaf, plaster cat, cedar blocks, and nail polish

243.8 x 609.6 cm
Josh Faught
Untitled (I), from BE BOLD For What You Stand For, BE CAREFUL For What You Fall For


Hand-dyed, handwoven and crocheted hemp; wool; cochineal (from ground up bugs); indigo; silver lamé yarn; pretzels (plastic); spilled nail polish; nachos (rubber); chocolate chip cookies (plastics); onion rings (rubber); pins; and greeting cards

581.7 x 254 cm
Josh Faught
The Professor (Scott)


Hand woven and crocheted hemp and gold lamé (hand dyed in colors to match the 2013/2014 fashion forecast), Indigo, wool, sequin trim, coffee spill (resin), pins, and Scrapbooking

182.8 x 132 x 5 cm
Josh Faught


Hand dyed, crocheted, and woven hemp, Jacquard woven advertisement for gay traffic school, pins, reproduction of the Hobby Directory, scrapbooking stickers, wool, indigo, spray paint, and sequins on linen.

264.2 x 223.5 cm

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