Selected works by Katia Liebmann

Katia Liebmann
Gotham City


12 Van dyke prints

76.2 x 62.2 cm


Review of Liebmann’s 2010 Journey and Dwellings for Go See Creative News Services / 27.04.2010

On the path of melancholia... Katia Liebmann's Journey and Dwellings at Hackelbury Gallery, London
Katia Liebmann moves in a stillroom between arrival and departure. In her images, she captures short moments of ‘life outside’; the images reflect the change and diversity of her surroundings. The Hackelbury Gallery in London presents ‘Journey and Dwellings’, a solo exhibition of her cyanotypes.

The German photographer documents ephemerality of time and existence. When her train speeds through Berlin, as it does in the Dwellings series, or when she records her route to East Frisia, on the very borders of Germany in Journeys, she captures the constant flux of time and space that surrounds us.

Inspired by painters such as Rembrandt and German Romantics, she consciously added a painterly and romantic feel to her photographs by opting for the blue tone of cyanotype prints.

Katia Liebmann was born in Halle on the Saale River and graduated from the Royal College of Art. Her pinhole camera series ‘Gotham City’ gained critical acclaim and was acquired by the Saatchi Collection.

Her work has also been on display in the National Portrait Gallery London, the Goethe Institute and the Photographer’s Gallery. She currently works at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg.

Her solo exhibition is on show until 15 May.

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