Selected works by Katia Liebmann

Katia Liebmann
Gotham City


12 Van dyke prints

76.2 x 62.2 cm

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Information from ‘HackelBury Fine Art’ on her collection they presented - The five images from the series Houses belong to an ongoing project on cities, starting with the city of Berlin, where Liebmann has previously lived, but now merely passes through. Journey, a series composed of 14 images, records Liebmann’s train journey across the flat, even landscape of East Frisia, her current home, to the very end of Germany as it borders Holland. Although the specific places Liebmann chooses to photograph are central to her own personal history, she does not consider them as intrinsic to understanding the work. Her primary concern is not with recording a specific place or time, but rather to capture our experience of the constant flux of time and space, as we pass through, and as it passes us by. We are suspended in the space between departure and destination, observing the transformations and variations of life ‘outside’.