Liudmila Konstantinova

Selected works by Liudmila Konstantinova

Liudmila Konstantinova
Paintings For Holes


Acrylic on canvas

Installation of 18 paintings
Dimensions variable

Liudmila Konstantinova’s paintings raise questions about the assumed purpose and meaning of contemporary art. Paintings for Holes is an installation comprising 18 rectangular, monochromatic painted canvases of various sizes, hung on the gallery wall in an arrangement that at first look resembles a modernist grid. In fact, the colour block set up is reminiscent of a certain time in Soviet history – of Malevich’s geometric compositions, of Russian constructivism – and of its influence on the graphic design of movements such as the Bauhaus and De Stijl.

Liudmila Konstantinova


Acrylic and gold leaf on plywood

100 x 35 x 35 cm

Notably, the colours in Konstantinova’s paintings, and also in her multi-coloured stalactite, Icicle (2012), aren’t quite as strict as if they belonged in a palette of early 20th-century art – bright red sits next to olive green, which is next to canary yellow, then baby blue and puce. Like an interior decorator’s colour wheel, her range is wider, less easily branded.

The artist wanted “to make a series of paintings that could be useful for different people”. Catering to the lowest common denominators of acceptability – and bypassing any sticky controversial subject matter or format issues – she made canvases in all shapes, sizes and painted them in clear flat colours so that everyone could find “their own”; but crucially, they’re all essentially as blank as each other.

As their title implies, the paintings were also made with another specific purpose in mind: they can be used to hide any imperfections on a wall, like cracks, paint marks or dead mosquitos. They can be arranged as desired, like modular shelving or an occasional table. Konstantinova’s proposal for art today is more utilitarian chic prop than revolutionary.

Lupe Nùñez-Fernández

Liudmila Konstantinova's Biography

Liudmila Konstantinova
Born in 1980, Moscow
Lives and works in Moscow


Enlightenment, 6th Moscow Bienniale of contemporary art, Cybercube, Skolkovo, Moscow.
Pink box, Erarta Museum, St-Petersbourg.
Liberation continued, Graz Museum, Graz.
Chintz revolution, Triangle gallery, Moscow.

Vglaz metamorphosis, Pechersky gallery, Moscow.

Parts of the whole, 5th Moscow Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art, CCA Winzavod, Moscow.

Gaiety Is The Most Outstanding Feature Of The Soviet Union, Saatchi Gallery, London

Jollie Numbers, Sotheby's, Moscow
Races, Moscow Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art, ArtSquatForum, Moscow
Russian Cosmism, ArtRU GAllery, Moscow
Russian Landscape, M&J Guelman Gallery, Moscow

VGLAZ, Lenivka Gallery, Moscow
Moscou Dans La Valise, Les Salaisons, Romanville, France

Sputnik- Art Tsum, Art fair, TSUM, Moscow
Gosha and Luida for Kids, Triumph GAllery, Moscow

Fast Art 24, VinZavod Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Marriage, VinZavod Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Unionists, Embassy of the European Union, Moscow

Morg (Moscow Organisation) The Central House of Artists, Moscow
Tramp, The Central House of Artists, Moscow
Motherland Project at Kunstvlaai6, Amsterdam
VELIKOLEPNO, WAM Gallery, Moscow
White People, S'Art GAllery, Moscow

Gender Passions, group exhibition within the 1st Moscow Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow.
Pusto, video-festival, Art-Strelka, Moscow
Russian Pop-Art, group exhibition, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Gesamt(kunst)werk , Festival of young artists “Stop! Who`s going?”, Fabrika project, Moscow

ArtKlyazma, Klyazmenskoye Water Reservoir holiday hotel, Moscow Region.

Background, metro coach Moscow.
ArtKlyazma, Klyazmenskoye Water Reservoir holiday hotel, Moscow Region
Substitute , Festival of young artists “Stop! Who`s going?”, RuArts Gallery,Moscow.
Frontiers of childhood, ArtEk gallery, London.
Losk, personal project, BOOKAFE, Moscow.

Extended-Day Class exhibition held to mark graduation from the course at the Institute of Modern Arts, Moscow.
Freebies-2. Postcards, Cult Club, Moscow
Motherland-Fatherland, Forum of Artistic Initiatives, New Manege,Moscow
Amelioration, or Art for a Better Life, Klyazmenskoye Water Reservoir holiday hotel, Moscow Region
A-REAL001 international festival of modern arts in urban culture, Yekaterinburg

Adaptation, Sakharov Museum Centre
Among Things, Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Moscow
Fashion Show in the Cloakroom, L Gallery, Moscow
ArtAsTourism, Forum of Artistic Initiatives, New Manege, Moscow
Propaganda of the Arts, Gelman Gallery, Moscow