Luc Tuymans Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Luc Tuymans
Still Life


Oil on Canvas

347 x 500cm
Exposing the gap between represented image and historical event, Luc Tuymans’s paintings delve into the inner workings of how mythology is created. The reality of Luc Tuymans’s work is almost ’twee’, pleasing images of a lampshade or leopard-skin rug pass quite comfortably as aesthetic totems; it’s only their cognitive association with the Holocaust, or atrocities of the Belgian Congo, that encapsulates the true banality of evil - the unspeakable horror in a teacup, the monstrous potential of an empty bath. Luc Tuymans’s paintings consciously fall desperately short of the iconic, becoming vestiges posed as counterfeit emblems for that which cannot be conveyed.

Still Life is a monument to this inadequacy of language. Made initially for the 2002 Documenta, Luc Tuymans was expected to present paintings of images relating to 9/11 to coincide with the exhibition’s theme of political and social engagement. What he decided to show was a giant still life. The sheer scale makes the contemplation of this painting almost impossible: a vast canvas representing an absolute nothingness. Luc Tuymans chose the subject of still life precisely because it was utterly unremarkable; a generic ’brand’ of ’object’ rendered to immense scale; it is banality expanded to the extreme. The simplicity of Luc Tuymans’s composition alludes to a pure and uninterrupted world order; the ephemeral light, with which the canvas seems to glow, places it as an epic masterpiece of metaphysical and spiritual contemplation. In response to unimaginable horror, Luc Tuymans offers the sublime. A gaping magnitude of impotency, which neither words nor paintings could ever express.
Luc Tuymans


Oil on Canvas

224 x 116cm
If media images inadequately depict the horrors of reality, then Luc Tuymans’s paintings are even more disturbingly detached. Often taking his imagery from published photos (of war, violence, subjugation), the paintings are the antithesis of this historic iconography: dull tones, vague, nondescript scenes, stripped of emotional propaganda.

Maypole suggests only the mistiest remnants of a memory: men in lederhosen raising a mast (Cross?), with flags waving in the distance, they could be scouts, pioneers, morris dancers or Hitler Youth. Though it’s painted with the faded language of nostalgia, Maypole is strangely empty: void of sympathy or moral, Luc Tuymans renders a scene twice-removed, making it impulsively human. Without context of history or source, the viewer is left to engage with the painting on a purely instinctive level; being drawn into the evils of history, he adopts his own role as a silent and willing observer.
Luc Tuymans


Oil on Canvas

223 x 243cm
Luc Tuymans paints the indescribable. His dark muted scenes seem vaguely familiar, distant, like haunting memories. Drawing his inspiration from grand themes, Luc Tuymans taps into a universal social guilt: from the Holocaust, or imperialism, to child abuse. By minimalising his images, he creates a raw emotion through paint; each painting linking spiritually, somehow instinctively, to the rest.

Within is a tranquil vermin metaphor for contamination and disease. A close-up detail of a birdcage, this painting more than conveys feelings of hopelessness and isolation: through its sheer size and potency, it literally traps the viewer, swallowing him into a prison of collective consciousness.
Luc Tuymans


Oil on Canvas

128 x 156cm
Luc Tuymans’s pigeons bop in dumb disarray. Dirty and disease-ridden, they’re a strangely curious mob, a metaphoric stand-in for ourselves. Painted in the muted tones of history, Luc Tuymans offers a chilling ultimate truth about humankind. He makes a cold comedy of a terrifying thought.
Luc Tuymans


Oil on Canvas

57 x 30cm
Ritual and tradition play a large part in Luc Tuymans’s work, drawing on the solace in repetition, the blind faith of unquestioned custom. Taken from a funerary tribute photo, the type of memento circulated to grieving loved ones in Luc Tuymans’s native Belgium, Portrait is an image of both commemoration and inconsequence. The woman’s melancholic expression and sickly pallor serve less as a reminder of a vibrant life, than a lingering forbearance of death; her cherished memory a mere ghost - faded and shrinking, as if she never was. Only her black dress and glasses remain, sinister and anonymous props, lonely relics without sentiment or intimacy.

Luc Tuymans's Biography

Luc Tuymans
Born in 1958, Mortsel, Belgium
Lives and works in Antwerp


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Hopeless, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Menschenbilder, Galerie Gebauer und Günther, Berlin
Positionen: Beobachtungen zum Stand der Malerei in den 90er Jahren, Museum Folkwang Essen,
Essen, Germany
Pour un couteau, Le Creux de l’Enfer, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Thiers, France
Ripple Across the Water, Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Szenewechsel VII/Change of Scene VII, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt

Eight Rooms for Painting, Galleri F15, Moss, Norway
Enigma: David Hodges, Francesca Llopis, Luc Tuymans, Sala Montcada de la Fundación la Caixa, 10 Barcelona
The Institute of Cultural Anxiety: Works from the Collection, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
This is The Show and the Show is Many Things, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Ghent
Unbound: Possibilities in Painting, The Hayward Gallery, London
Works On Paper, Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp
Zeitgenossen/Contemporaries, Kunstmuseum Bern

75 Jahre Kunsthalle Bern/Bild des Monats im Kunstmuseum, Stiftung Kunsthalle Bern
Accrochage, Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp
Andere Länder - Andere Sitten: Zeichnungen aus dem Kunstmuseum Bern, Kunstmuseum Bern
Art In Belgium: Cyclic Identity, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Backstage: Topologie zeitgenössischer Kunst, Kunstverein Hamburg
Confrontaties/Confrontations, 111 Hedendaagse Kunstenaars uit België en Luxemburg, Antwerp
De uitputting voorbij/Look at the Window, Het Kruithuis - Stedelijk Museum voor Hedendaagse
Kunst, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Der Zerbrochene Spiegel/The Broken Mirror, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
Het Sublieme Gemis/The Sublime Void, Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp
In Extenso/1989-1992, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Ghent
Menschenwelt (Interieur), Portikus, Frankfurt
Norfolk Institute of Art and Design, Norwich, England; Württembergische Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany; Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster, Germany
Peintures abstraites, Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain (FRAC) Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Accrochage, Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp
Documenta IX, Kassel
Last Exhibition/ Laatste tentoonstelling: De Keyser, Richter, Polke, Penck, Knoebel, Galerie Rudolf Zwirner, Cologne
Modernism In Painting: 10 jaar schilderkunst in Vlaanderen/10 Years of Painting in Flanders,
Provinciaal Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Ostend, Belgium
Selectie Belgische Kunstenaars voor documenta IX, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, Belgium

Accrochage, Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp
Kunst in Vlaanderen Nu: Een keuze uit tien jaar aankopen van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Museum
van Hedendaagse Kunst, Antwerp
Vis-à-Vis, Gallery Sacre, Liege, Belgium
Works on Paper, Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

Kunstwerken verworven door de Vlaamse Gemeenschap in 1988-1989, Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek, Leiestreek, Belgium
Paesmans, Schepers, Tuymans, Vermuyten, Le Crédac, Centre d’Art Contemporain d’Ivry, Ivry, France

Wahrheit und Dichtung: Vier Aus Antwerpen, Gallery Maerz, Cologne

Doodgewoon, Beelden van de dood in de actuele kunst, met een terugblik op Ensor en Rops,
Cultureel Centrum de Warande, Turnhout, Belgium