Maaike Schoorel

Maaike Schoorel Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Maaike Schoorel
The Visit


Oil on canvas

164 x 244.5 cm

Though Schoorel’s paintings are developed from photographs, how she interprets these is very intuitive, as is the decision about what information to include or omit. Each brush mark and gesture is designed to refute concrete resolution; some appear as impalpable shadows or stains, while others have a slightly holographic effect. Schoorel drafts The Visit with an expert understanding of colour, and uses minute shifts in tone to magnify her painting’s ambience and evoke psychological reaction. “The colours come to you like music comes to you,” Schoorel explains. Her paintings are often initially ‘felt’ before they are ‘seen’; they provoke a subconscious recognition before they are understood visually.

Maaike Schoorel
The Cruise


Oil on canvas

122 x 172.5 cm

Schoorel has commented that “we are used to looking at images in high or instantaneous speed. Media such as television and the Internet present everything in a disjointed way. My paintings reveal themselves in slow time. I try to make images that have a sense of connection. For these paintings I worked from family photographs, but I was specifically interested in scenes which relate to genre painting, such as landscapes or group portraits. We are used to seeing these types of images, and my work changes the order of how we view them: once you discover one detail it will link to another, creating a sense of movement and interconnectedness.”

Maaike Schoorel


Oil on canvas

156.5 x 215 cm

Looking at Schoorel’s images one has the sensation of looking at a projected or hovering presence in an illusory space beyond the flat picture plane. Executed in micro-thin layers her mark-making has the effect of being indelibly penetrated or melded into the fabric of the canvas. Her paintings suggest something that is simultaneously there, but not there, and draw the viewer in as an active participant in interpreting and decoding the image.

Maaike Schoorel
The Picnic


Oil on canvas

137 x 203 cm

Maaike Schoorel’s canvases are near invisible planes which invite sustained contemplation; from their soft, barely perceptible tones images will begin to appear, and eventually resolve as quite detailed scenes. Schoorel’s painterly apparitions are a result of the power of suggestion, her delicate gestures and subtly shifting hues provide only the scantest impressions, provoking the viewer’s subconscious to cogitate the visual cues. When looking at her paintings, not everyone sees the same things at first: your eye might catch a glimpse of a red apple which may lead you on to notice the shade of someone’s eye or hair, or vice versa. Schoorel sees her work as a way to explore the hierarchy of perception.

Maaike Schoorel


Oil on canvas

152 x 265 cm
Maaike Schoorel
Parnassia Beach


Oil on canvas

210 x 415 cm

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Maaike Schoorel's Biography

Maaike Schoorel
Born in 1973, Santpoort, The Netherlands
Lives and works in New York, NY


London | New York | Rome | Amsterdam, Gemeente Museum Den Hague, The Hague, The Netherlands

Gradient, Marc Foxx, Los Angeles

Maureen Paley, London, UK

Interiors, Stigter Van Doesburg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mendes Wood, São Paulo

Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
Maureen Paley, London

Dutch Embassy, London
Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam
Marc Foxx, Los Angeles

Art Features, Art 41 Basel, Galerie Diana Stitger

Nudes and Garden, Marc Foxx, Los Angeles

Album, Museum de Hallen, Haarle
Nudes, Maureen Paley, London

Stilleven, Portret, Schutterstuk, Marc Foxx: West Gallery, Los Angeles

Bathing dining garden father daughters beach bed, Maureen Paley, London

Rheinschau art Cologne projects, Galerie Diana Stigter, Cologne, Germany
Twilight, Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam

Darling Buds, Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam


Repeat to Fade, Mendes Wood gallery, São Paulo.
Nothing, Like Something Happens Anywhere, Chapter, Cardiff, Wales

Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, Australia.
Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide: British Art Now, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.
Painted Over/Under, LACE, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles.
Painting Between the Lines, CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, (C)
What’s Up!, De jongste schilderkunst in Nederland - Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht, USA
Next Season, Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

LACE, Los Angeles, curated by Jens Hoffmann
Museum of Old and New Art, Australia
Newspeak Part Two, The Saatchi Gallery, London

Visible Invisible: Against the Security of the Real, Parasol Unit, London,
Obsession: contemporary art from the Lodeveans Collection, University of Leeds, UK
Fallen out of Space, Mol’s place, London
Long Meg, Vilma Gold, London

Roger Hiorns, Christina Mackie, Maaike Schoorel, Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam
Eyes Wide Open – New to the Collection, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
Nonknowledge, Project Arts Centre, Dublin.
Wolvecamp Prize, Hengelo, Netherlands

Prix de Rome 2007, de Apple, Amsterdam
How to Endure, curated by Tom Morton, Athens Biennial, Athens
Very Abstract and Hyper Figurative, curated by Jens Hoffmann, Thomas Dane Gallery, London
Zes, Marc Foxx, LA, & Harris Lieberman, New York, curated by Marc Foxx
Double A-Side, Artist’s-Hertogenbosch (a collaboration between Artis, Centre for Fine Art, Stedelijk Museum’s-Hertogenbosch and The Boulevard Theatre Festival)

Just in time, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Le Nouveau Siècle, curated by Xander Karskens, Museum van Loon, Amsterdam
Vincent van Gogh and Expressionism, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Alex Bircken, Mari Eastman, Maaike Schoorel, Maureen Paley, London
Slow Art, Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf
Prague Biennale 2, presentation for Flash Art, Prague
Two person show with Nathaniel Mellors, IBID Projects, Vilnius, Lithuania

Must I paint you a Picture?, curated by Pablo Lafuente, Haunch of Venison, London
Concert in the Egg, The Ship, London

Someplace Unreachable, IBID Projects, London
To Avoid the Void, Artwalk, Amsterdam

Koninklijke Subsidie voor Vrije Schilderkunst, Gemeente Museum, The Hague
Band in Crisis, (with Skill 7 Stamina 12), Cooper Gallery, Dundee
Deliberate Regression, Daniel Arnaud Gallery, London
And Other Love Stories, Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam

An Elephant Station, Vilma Gold, London