Selected works by Marie Angeletti

Marie Angeletti
TLYA 06_JM Black Black / TLYA 07_Joelle's desk/ TLYA 08_Speedway


Digital print on dibond, digital print and Fujiflex print

147 x 95 cm, 148 x 96 cm, 46.5 x 76 cm

The advent of photography as an image-making technology had a profound and irreversible affect on the tradition of painting. If one could capture life mimetically, what did painting bring to perception that photos couldn’t? In our own time, the Internet and its acceleration of images, both in their proliferation and exchange, has had a similar impact on artistic practice.

Marie Angeletti
TLYA 13_Tourists/ TLYA 14_Parrott/ TLYA 15_La Novice/ TLYA 16_SR 2014


Fujiflex on dibond, digital print on stainless steel, digital print and C-print

80 x 54 cm, 79.5 x 54.5 cm, 42 x 30 cm, 69.5 x 43 cm

Marie Angeletti’s work delicately spins an associative web between images that you might find through a Google search. At once a personal cosmology, and a seemingly arbitrary assemblage of images, their combination spins a multiplicity of possible readings.

Marie Angeletti
TLYA 18_Instant magique/ TLYA 19_Piano/ TLYA 20_Palais des Papes


Oil on canvas, C-print and watercolour on paper

116 x 88 cm, 111 x 74 cm, 32 x 24 cm

Here a piano, there a portrait painting; images here speak a little of affect, and a lot of the process of image-making itself. Juxtaposed, spliced together, scanned, rescanned, photographed and re-photographed – these acts of continual reproduction distance the image even further from the subject it supposedly indexes.

Marie Angeletti
TLYA 21_Minnie/ TLYA 22_Lady Pink adjusted/ TLYA 23_Famous replica


Fujiflex on dibond and two digital prints on dibond

70 x 45 cm, 147 x 73.5 cm and 147 x 129, 147 x 299 cm

Has Angeletti emptied these images out of any possible meaning? Or in doing so has she birthed new readings that speak more powerfully of the moment of image culture in which we unwittingly find ourselves? There seems only a productive ambiguity between these two states.

© Natasha Hoare, 2015

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