Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Mark Pearson
You're Just A Pair Of Flabby Wings


Aluminium foil, timber gloss paint, German beer mugs, brass, customised plinth

190 x 40 x 31 cm

Describing his work as “testosterone-fuelled anger management,” Mark Pearson explores themes of masculinity, class, power and British identity through the rough DIY aesthetic of his sculptures. Pearson often uses German motifs as loaded provocateurs, entwining middle England’s nostalgia for war era nationalism with the skewed values of contemporary yob culture. Posing with the exaggerated insolence of punk, Pearson’s intentionally trashy assemblages humorously reconstruct pomp and heraldry with derogatory relish. In You’re Just A Pair of Flabby Wings, a make-shift squat-decor ‘column’ is emblazoned with impoverished ‘noble’ crests; it supports a modest collection of Oktoberfest beer steins and a Brandenberg eagle crafted from turkey foil, creating a feeble icon of Mosley-esque working-class sedition.

Mark Pearson
Nu Brutus


Timber, gloss paint, spray paint, printed stickers, ceramic objects

183 x 47 x 62 cm

When it comes to acts of protest, sometimes sabotage just doesn’t go far enough. Parodying the countercultural turf wars of graffiti crews, Pearson’s Nu Brutus started off as a board which he entirely covered in street art stickers, their palimpsest of impudent logos replicating the destructive rituals of the urban underworld. Vandalising the vandalism, Pearson then performed a kind of chainsaw massacre dissection, mutilating the panel into bits before reassembling the parts as a Frankenstein-ish figure. Set on a coffee table-like plinth, Pearson’s monstrosity resolves a barbaric hero, a revolutionary paladin for the cause of couture-chic designer furnishings and the prestige of early modernism that the sculpture’s form so ineptly (and critically) approximates.

Mark Pearson
Cyber Schmaltz Borg


Timber, gloss paint, aluminium foil, German beer mugs

207 x 64 cm

The concept of failure is integral to Pearson’s practice: the dysfunctional structure of the aristocratic class system and social ills of ‘broken Britain’ become topical malignancies transferred onto his work through both his aesthetics and making processes. Adopting a performative approach to making, Pearson positions himself as an ‘angry man’, taking out his frustrations in the most masculine pursuit of DIY – an activity guaranteed to invoke further fury. In Cyber Schmaltz Borg, Pearson approaches building a Nazi-esque standard with all the gusto of a football hooligan on a garden shed rampage. The result is hilariously pathetic, a crude effigy of twisted best-effort: a quasi-monument-cum-beer cabinet inspired by the ridiculous confectionary of Bavarian cakes, it encapsulates the feelings of inadequacy and impotence that underlie white supremacist culture.

Mark Pearson
The Beast With Two Backs


Timber, gloss paint, aluminium foil, brass objects

208 x 67 x 65 cm

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Mark Pearson's Biography

Mark Pearson
1966 Born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Lives and works in London


MA Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College

BA Fine Arts, College of Art and Design


BAR VUG GUM,Moot, Nottingham
Open Space Cologne, Solo Presentation with Galerie Reinhard Hauff

Disco Mystic, Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart, Germany


Ventriloquist, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London (curated by Emma

Say Sorry for Not Making, Moot, Nottingham
United We Fall (Mark Pearson / Annie Whiles), Standpoint
Gallery, London
Event Horizon, GSK Contemporary Season, Royal Academy of Arts,

Circle of the Tyrants, Southwell Artspace, Nottinghamshire
(curated by Moot)
Drunken Boat, Colony, Birmingham, UK
Intoposition, Bauernmarkt1, Vienna, Austria

Metropolis Rise: New Art from London, CQL Design Center, Shanghai,
DIAF 2006, Beijing, China (curated by Anthony Gross and Jen Wu)

Old Money, Intermedia, Glasgow, UK (curated by Cedar Lewisohn)
Gifts to the City of Sheffield, Art Sheffield 2005, Site Gallery, Sheffield (curated by Gavin Wade)

Mind the Gap, La Friche, Marseille, France (curated by Alicia Paz)
Tealeaf, Cell Project Space, London (curated by Richard Priestley)
Wilkommen, Metropole Art Galleries, Folkstone, UK (curated by Luke
Sculpture Garden, Old Street, London (curated by Jacob Dahl
Tonight, Studio Voltaire, London (curated by Paul O'Neill)
Dusu Choi & Mark Pearson, The Economist Building, London
Multistorey, Pump House Gallery, London
Blind Date, Temporary Contemporary, London (curated by
Anthony Gross)

Have-a-go-Heroes, Cell Project Space, London (curated by
Richard Priestley)
East International 2003, The Norwich Gallery, Norwich, UK
Art Kliazma 2003, Bay of Kliazma, Moscow, Russia (curated by
Patricia Ellis)
Justin Hibbs & Mark Pearson, One in the Other, London,
The Lost Collection of an Invisible Man, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-
Upon-Tyne, UK (curated by Brian Griffiths)

Hasta La Vista, The Mission, London (curated by Matt Williams)
The Necessary Enemy, The Bart Wells Institute, London(curated
by Brian Griffiths)

Club, Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France (curated by Simon Wood)
Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width, Cell Project Space, London,(curated by Richard Priestley)
Egotripping, Wilkinson Gallery, London, UK
Insider Trading, The Mandeville Hotel, London, UK (curated by Lisa

Assembly, Goldsmiths College and Royal College Postgraduate Show,
Stepney City, London
Outhouse, Rich and Famous Gallery, London