Martin Kersels

Selected works by Martin Kersels

Martin Kersels
Falling Photos 4,5 and 6


Set of 3 black and white photographs

76.2 x 101.6 cm

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Mitchell Innes & Nash, New York, representing gallery for Martin Kersels
ACME Los Angeles, representing gallery for Martin Kersels
Martin Kersels, Whitney Biennial 2010
Martin Kersels 5 Songs is a sculpture that has double life as a stage for performance. Designed with the idea that the performer needs to adapt to the surface and the materiality of the sculpture—and therefore never truly feels comfortable—5 Songs attempts to be an extension to any performer while at the same time being extended by any performer. Kersels has curated an eclectic mix of performances, Live on 5 Songs, to take place on and around 5 Songs throughout the duration of the Biennial.
Frieze magazine, June-August 2001
Gaston Bachelard wrote that ‘a house constitutes a body of images that give mankind proofs or illusions of stability’. The unease attending such fragile assurances of domestic equilibrium underlies much of Californian artist Martin Kersels’ recent rambunctious installation.