Selected works by Mat Collishaw

Mat Collishaw
Burning Flowers I


Framed photograph

61 x 56 cm
Central to Mat Collishaw’s work are the themes of illusion and desire, which he uses to draw us into an arena where every-day conventions are broken down and questioned.
Mat Collishaw
Burning Flowers II


Framed photograph

58 x 48 cm
Mat Collishaw
Burning Flowers IV


Framed photograph

58 x 48 cm
Mat Collishaw states: “The type of adverts to be found on television and in glossy magazines are visually designed to have a power over the mind before they can even be questioned. The dark side of my work, primarily concerns the internal mechanisms of visual imagery and how these mechanisms address the mind.”
Mat Collishaw


Ceramic, cement, wood, paint

350 x 490 cm
Mat Collishaw


Ceramic, cement, wood, paint

425 x 258 cm
Corona and Madonna have a historically epic quality. Corona disturbingly implies early 20th Century experimentation, Madonna’s timeless face is cropped from a photograph of an Indian woman taken after her village was destroyed in a flood. These tragic images seem all too contemporary with their digitised high-gloss finish. However, their surfaces aren’t photographs at all, rather they’re made up of tiny, cold ceramic tiles. Mat Collishaw uses mosaic to immortalise his subjects the same way images of saints and martyrs were rendered in early churches, but by doing so he replicates the process of image transmission over the internet.
Mat Collishaw
Bullet Hole


cibachrome mounted on fifteen light boxes

229 x 310
Bullethole is one large photo, made up of 15 frames, fragmented like the panes of a stained glass window. At first glance, it’s unreadable, like an abstract painting. Then an image registers: a gaping vagina. It’s only with the full realisation that this is a close up of a head wound (taken from a pathology textbook) that the layering becomes complete: there’s a religious beauty and animal sexuality in something so abhorrent.
Mat Collishaw
Eighth Day


Ceramic, cement, wood, paint

354 x 279.6 cm
Mat Collishaw can always find the intrinsically evil in photography. His subjects are often shocking and horrific – but it’s always the medium which is most disturbing. In The Eighth Day, Collishaw reproduces a photo of a real lynching found in an old book – but he does it in a monumental mosaic. Originally used in ancient times to immortalise gods, saints, and martyrs, mosaics were used to preserve timeless morals. But there’s something freakishly futuristic about Collishaw’s epic – black and white images are a modern invention, the miniscule tiles convincingly parody computer pixellation.

Mat Collishaw's Biography

Mat Collishaw
Born in 1966 Nottingham, UK
Lives and works in London, UK


Solo Show, Analix Forever, Geneva, Switzerland

Superveillance, Raucchi Santamaria, Naples, Italy
Outcasts, Chiostro del Commendatore, Borgo Santa Spirito, Rome, Italy
Retrospectre, BFI South Bank, London

Mat Collishaw, Submission, HOV, Berlin, Germany
Mat Collishaw, Hysteria, Freud Museum, London, UK
Mat Collishaw, Nebulaphobia, Unosunove Rome, Italy

Mat Collishaw, Electric Ladyland, Analix, Geneva, Switzerland
Mat Collishaw, Shooting Stars, Haunch Of Venison, London, UK
Mat Collishaw, Deliverance, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
Mat Collishaw, Deliverance, Spring Projects, London

Buenas Noches, Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Switzerland

Capillary Action, Anna Faggionato, London, UK
No One Is Innnocent, Grimm Rosenfeld, Munchen, Germany
Mat Collishaw, Inverleith House, Edinburgh, UK

Mat Collishaw, Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Switzerland
Mat Collishaw, Art and Public, Geneva, Switzerland

Mat Collishaw, Modern Art, London, UK
Retinal Stain, Cosmic Galerie, Paris, France

Mat Collishaw, Cosmic Galerie Paris, France

Mat Collishaw, Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Switzerland
Mat Collishaw, Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK
New Works, Modern Art, London, UK
Ultra Violet Baby, 4 day film screening, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK
Mat Collishaw, Bonakdar Jancou Gallery, New York, USA
Lux Gallery, part of the Pandamonium Film Festival, London
Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, Naples, Italy

Museum Of Contemporary Art, Warsaw

Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy
Flesheaters, Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Switerland

Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam
Bonakdar Jancou Gallery, New York, USA
Anne Faggionato, London, UK (with Damien Hirst)

Ideal Boys, Ridinghouse Editions, London, UK
Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Switzerland
Ideal Boys, Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, Naples, Italy
Duty Free Spirits, Lisson Gallery, London, UK

Control Freaks, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
Statements, Galerie Analix, Art 27’96, Basel, Switzerland
Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam (with Danielle Kwaaital)
Camden Arts Centre, London, UK
Karsten Schubert Ltd, London, UK (in collaboration with Thomas Dane)
Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Switerland

Idol Hours, Gramercy Park Hotel, New York, USA, organised by Cohen Gallery
The Eclipse Of Venus, No.20 Glasshouse Street, London, UK
Galleria Raucci/ Santamaria, naples, Italy

Galerie Analix, Geneva, Switerland
Centre d’Art Contemporain, Martigny, France

Cohen gallery, New York, USA

Karsten Schubert Ltd, London, UK
Riverside Studios, London, UK


Out of Focus, Saatchi Gallery, London

Extraordinary Measures, Belsay Castle, Northumbria
Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin and Paula Rego: At The Foundling Museum, London

Distortion (curated by James Putnam), Gervasuti Foundation, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
Mythologies, Haunch Of Venison, London, UK
Shadows OF Forgotten Ancestors, Bugada and Cargnel, Paris, France

Les Fleurs du Mal, Arcos Sannio Contemporary Art Museum, Benevento, Italy
Mat Collishaw, Anthony Goicolea, Haunch Of Venison, Switzerland
The Tempest, Mat Collishaw and Paul Fryer (curated by James Putnam), Gervasuti Foundation, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
Reconstruction #2, Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, UK (curated by Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst and Elliot McDonald

Into Me/ Out Of Me, Kunstwerke, Berlin, Germany
In The Darkest hours There May be Light, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK
Into Me/ Out of Me, PSI MOMA, Long Island, USA
People, Volti, corpi e segni contemporanei dalla collezione de Ernesto Esposito, MADRE-Museo d’Arte Donna Regina, Naples, Italy, curated by Edoardo Cicelyn et mario Codognato
What Makes You and I Different, Tramway, Glasgow, UK
Solitude, Upstairs, Berlin, Germany

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
The Parabole Show, Grimm/Rosenfeld, Berlin, Germany
Fifty One Celebrates Five Years, Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp
Collection Helga de Alvear, Museo Extremeno and Iberoamericano, Badajoz

Rose c’set la vie. On Flowers In Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
New Blood, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
Art Of The Garden, Tate Britain, London, UK
Artmania!Art and the World OF Plants, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Sunderland
I Assassin, Walspace Art Space, New York, USA

Narcissus, CRAC Alsace, Altkirsch

New Religious Art, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UK, Curated by Neal Brown
the Passing, Galeria Helga de Alvear, Madrid, Spain, Curated by Charlotte Schepke
Penetration, Friederich Petzel Gallery, New York, USA
Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, USA, vurated by Mark Fletcher
Tableaux Vivants: Living Pictures and Attitudes in Photography, Film and Video, Kunsthalle Wien, Wien
Screen, Ashcroft Arts Centre, a national touring exhibition organised for the Hayward Gallery for the Arts Council of England, UK
Mirroring Evil / Nazi Imagery in Recent Art, The Jewish Museum, New York, USA
Nausea, Diannogly Art Gallery, Nottingham, UK
At Sea, Sainsbury Centre, UEA, Norwich, organised by Tate Liverpool, UK
At Sea, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
Penetration Friedrich Pretzel Gallery, New York
Marianna Boesky Gallery, New York, USA

Asylum: Mat Collishaw, Inside space at Selfridges
Sacred and Profane, A Sheffield Galleries and Museum trusr Touring Exhibition, Mappin Art Gallery Sheffield, UK
Double Vision, Galerie fϋr Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig, Germany
Electronic Maple: Human Language and Digital Culture in Contemporary Art, New York Centre for Media Arts, New York, USA
Mat Collishaw, Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK
Tattoo Show, Modern Art, London, UK
BBC in association with the Lux presents an exhibition of digital art. The Lux Gallery. London.UK
SV, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, USA
Remnant, Hunter College / Leubsdorf Art Gallery, New York, USA

Greenhouse Effect, Serpentine gallery, London, UK
1000+1 Nacht, Landesmuseum, Linz
Psycho, Art and Anatomy, Anne Faggionato, London, UK, curated by Danny Moynihan
Bierfest 2000, VTO, London, UK
And she will have your eyes...Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Switerland
Anna Bernhard Blume, Sophie Calle, Mat Collishaw, Jim Dine, Flor Garduño and Candida Höfer, The Museum Of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, USA
Sex and the British, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg and Paris, curated by Max Wigram and Norman Rosenthal
Flower Shop, Pump House Gallery, London, UK
Lisson Gallery in Covent Garden, London, UK
Point Of View: Works From a Private collection, Richard Salmon, London, UK
Potent Present, CCAC Institute, Logan Galleries, San Francisco, USA
Petty Crimes, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
From A Distance: Approaching Landscape, ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, USA
Small Worlds:The Diorama in Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, USA
The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago, USA

Claustrophobia, Cartwright hall, Lister Park, Bradford
Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield Centre for Visual Arts, Cardiff, UK
Extra et Ordinare, Printemps de Cahours, France
Chiva (s)ynergies/art: Moving image, Museo de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Brazil
The Flower Show:Flowers in Art in 20th Century, Harewood House, Leeds, UK
The Edge Of Awareness- Al Limite della Coscienza, Triennale de Milano, Milan, Italy
Tea factory, Liverpool, curated by Adelina von Fϋrstenberg
This Other World of Ours, TV Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Secret Victorians, Contemporary Artsits and a 19th century Vision, Hayward Gallery, London
UK Middlesborough Art Gallery, IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Best Of The Season, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield
LA International, Chac-Moool Contemporary Fine Art, West Hollywood, USA, in collaboration with Lisson Gallery, UK
Flower Show, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
Dimension Variable, The Ludwig Museum Budapest-Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection, curated by Norman Rosenthal and Charles Saatchi, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn
Art Lovers, Tracey, The liverpoool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Liverpool, UK, Curated by Marcia Fortes

Secret Victorians, Contemporary Artists and a 19th Century Vision, Touring exhibition: The Minority Art gallery, Colchester, UK. Arnolfini, Bristol, UK. Hayward gallery, London, UK. Middlesborough Art gallery, Middlesborough, UK. IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK.
UCLA at the Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Centre, Los Angeles, USA
Close Echoes, City gallery, Prague touring to Kunsthalle Krems
Exterminating Angel, Galerie Guislaine Hussenot, Paris, France
Exhibitions of Contemporary British Art, Japanese Museum Tour, 1989-99, Tochigi Prefectural Museum Of Fine Art, travelling to Fukoka City Art Museum, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art
Ashiya City Museum of Art and History, Japan
London Calling, British Art School in Rome, Rome, Italy
Public Body and Artificial Space, Kunsthalle Krems, Krems
The Edge of Awareness, PSI Museum, New York, USA
Then and Now, Lisson Gallery, London, UK
Bad habits, Galeria Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid, Spain
Animation, LEA, London Electronic Arts, London, UK
Claustrophobia, IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Precursor, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
Shrunken Heads, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield 1997, Other man’s flower, British Art School, Rome.
Pictura Britannica, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Urban Legends, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden Baden, Germany
Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK
The Citybank Private Bank Photography Prize, Royal College of Art, London, UK
Full house: Young British Art, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg
Private Face, Urban Space:A New Generation of artists from Britain, Gasworks, Athens, Greece
London Live, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg
Screen, Anne Faggionato, London, UK
A print portfolio from London, Alte Gerhardsen, Oslo
Live/Life, Fundaçao des Descobertes, Lisbon, Portugal

On Line Media, Graaf van Vlaanderenplein, Gent
Fernbedienung/ Does television informs the way art is made, Grazer Kunstverein, Graz
Hide and Seek, Jerusalem, curated by Ami Barak
Exchanging Interiors, Museum van Loon, Amsterdam, curated by Manuela Klerxx
Live/Life, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Figure to object, Frith Street Gallery, London, UK
Summer Show, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
Human Technology, Revolution, Ferndale
Digital gardens, Power Plant, Toronto, Canada
The Inner Eye, Manchester City Art Gallery, Manchester, curated by Mariner Warmer
P.A.D.T, Thames, London, Uk
Drawings, Karsten Schubert Ltd, London, UK
Comme un Oiseau, Fondation Cartier, Paris, France
Statement and Video Forum, Art 27’96, Basel, Switzerland
Galerie Analix
Manifesta, Natural history Museum, Rotterdam
Hybrids, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam
Some Drawings from London, Kate Bernard, London, UK
Push Ups, The Factory, Ergostasio, Fine Art School, Athens, Greece
Birds: Art and Science, two creative energies confronting each other, Zerynthia, Rome, Italy
Kingdom Of Flora, Shoshona Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, USA
More Than Real, Palazzo Reale, Caserta, UK, organised by Galleria Raucci/ Santamaria and Massimo Sgroi
The British Art Show IV, Hayward Gallery for the Arts Council of England, travelling to Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, UK

The British Art Show IV, travelling to the Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK. Edinburgh, UK. Cardiff, UK. Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam
The Fourth Istanbul Biennial, Art and Culture Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey
Le mille e una volta, Mostra Colettiva de Contenuto Favolistico, Galleria de arte Moderna e Contemporane, Repubblica de San Marino, San Marino, Italy
Konrad Lorenz’s Duck, Ex Lanficio Bona, Carignano, Turin, Italy
2x2, 4 by 4, Karaoke, South London Gallery, London, UK
Brilliant! New Art from London, Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis, travelling to Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, USA
Brill: Work on paper by ‘Brillaint!’artists, Montgomery Glassoe Fine Art, Minneapolis, USA
Oltre la Normalità concentric, Palazzo Da Zara, Padua, Italy
Wild Walls, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Hardcore II, Factual Nonsense, London, UK
Here and Now, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK
Dialogues de Paix, United Nations, Geneva Switzerland
Minky Manky, South London Gallery, London, UK
Other Men’s Flowers, Ice Box, Athens, Greece
On Site Project, Camden Arts Centre, Camden Arts Centre, London, UK

Corpus Delicti-London in then 90’s, Kunstforeningen Copenhagen, Denmark
Purple 8 ½ , Galerie Jousse Seguin, Paris, France, curated by Purple Prose, Elein Fleiss and Olivier Zahm
Institute for Cultural Anxiety, ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK
Nature Morte: Mat Collishaw, Damien Hirst, Stephen Murphy, Julie Roberts, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
Winter of Love, PSI Museum, New York, USA
Incertaine Identité, Galerie Analix, Geneva, Switzerland
Soggetto-Soggetto, Castello de Rivoli, Turin, Italy
Ars Lux, Galerie Analix, Geneva, Switzerland
Hellraiser, Monte Carasso
Not Self-portrait, Karsten Schubert Ltd, London, UK
Nature Morte, Mat Collishaw, Damien Hirst, Stephen Murphy, Julie Roberts, Tanya Bonakdar gallery, New York, USA
L’Hiver de l’amour, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris , France
Fleiss, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Berhnard Joisten, Jean-Luc Vilmouth and Oliver Zahn

Displace, Cohen Gallery, New York, USA
Aperto ’93, XLV Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
The Ebb Tide Shell Gathering, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Martigny, France
Changing I Dense Cities, Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland

Under Thirty, Galerie Metropol, Vienna, Austria
Twenty Fragile Pieces, Galerie Analix, Geneva, Switzerland
Exhibit A, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK
Collishaw, Fairhurst Lane, Via Farini, Milan, Italy

Stillstand Switches, Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland

Modern Medicine, Building One, London, UK
A Group Show, Karsten Schubert Ltd, London, UK

Ghost Photography: The Illusion of the Visible, Touring exhibition, Italy, curated by Stella Santacatterina

Freeze, Surrey Docks, London, UK, curated by Damien Hirst