Michael Fullerton

Selected works by Michael Fullerton

Michael Fullerton
David Milligan (Surveillance specialist, Glasgow City Council, Housing Benefit Anti-Fraud Unit)


Oil on linen

90 x 70 cm

This portrait is of Glaswegian David Milligan - known amongst the artists community as the ‘dole spy’ for his undercover work for the Social Services.

Michael Fullerton
Vidal Sasoon's Mother


Oil on canvas

47.5 x 47.2 cm

Fullerton is a young Scottish painter, whose portrait has very little to do with Vidal Sassoon’s mother. His interest is in hair and Sassoon’s role at the forefront of “styling” in the seventies, and his emergence as a world brand. Fullerton is a political artist whose work indicates an off-kilter affection for his subjects.

Michael Fullerton
Stuart Christie: I Love My World


Oil on linen

61 x 45 cm

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Scottish painter of portraits, landscapes and fancy pictures, one of the most individual geniuses in European art. Born in Glasgow, he showed an aptitude for drawing early and first was encouraged by his mother, who was a woman of well-cultivated mind and excelled in flower-painting.

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Michael Fullerton is one of the most interesting artists of his generation. Portrait painting, not normally the most transgressive medium, takes on a new resonance in his hands.

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'Suck On Science'
Michael Fullerton studied at Glasgow School of Art, initially in the Painting Department then subsequently on the MFA programme. Despite his training as a painter Fullerton also works in a variety of other media, including printmaking and sculpture.

Michael Fullerton explores the transmission and reception of information in its broadest sense. His materials and methods often refer to the tools and technologies of communication, such as newsprint or analogue recording, while his subject matter relates to the institutions and individuals involved.

He has painted the portraits of a number of eminent individuals, but his ambitions stretch far beyond the limits of traditional portraiture. In fact, his work may be seen as an investigation into some of life's great questions, such as the nature of truth, the reliability of evidence, the power of belief, and the relations between aesthetics and persuasion, information and knowledge.

Are you Hung Up? Exhibition by Michael Fullerton
Every superior human being will instinctively aspire after a secret citadel where he will be set free from the crowd, the many, the majority, where as its exception he will forget the rule ‘man’ - except in the one case in which, as a man of knowledge in the great and exceptional sense, he will be impelled by an even stronger instinct to make straight for this rule.