Selected works by Michele Abeles

Michele Abeles
Fuchsia, Yellow, Green, Blue, Numbers, Man, Cement, Paper


Archival pigment print

83.8 x 111.8 cm

Michele Abeles claims that the male bodies she fragments have no greater importance than the bottles, pots, rocks, scraps of paper and flashes of bright colour (in the form of pieces of Plexiglas and coloured gels) that she composes into enigmatic still lifes. It’s true that one has sometimes to look hard for the body parts, but I think she may be selling herself short with the claim.

Michele Abeles
Legs, Number, Frame, Concrete, Blue, Green, Orange


Archival pigment print

57.4 x 43.2 cm

Their presence is substantial enough to interest anyone who enjoys the tradition of the nude. She is not the first to create visual puzzles where picture planes refuse to behave according to convention, and real objects have a flat, cut-out quality – Jan Grover did this brilliantly thirty or so years ago; nor is she a pioneer of truncated male bodies, which began in the 1920s and ’30s – George Platt Lynes comes to mind – and took full flight in the ’80s in the work of Robert Mapplethorpe and John Coplans.

Michele Abeles


Archival pigment print

83.8 x 63.5 cm
Michele Abeles
Arm, Plant, Bottles, Wood


Archival pigment print

50.8 x 65.7 cm

But she has put the themes together in a strikingly original fashion, especially in the way in which she mocks the facile tools of computer manipulation.

Text by William A Ewing

Michele Abeles's Biography

Michele Abeles
Born in 1977 in New York, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York


Frame, Frieze, New York

47 Canal Street, Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:, NYC, NY.


Out of Focus: Photography, Saatchi Gallery, London
Vilma Gold, London, England
The Approach, London, England
White Columns, Looking Back/Selected by Ken Okiishi & Nick Mauss (collaborative work w/ Amy Yao and Margaret Lee), NYC, NY.

Renwick Gallery, Historia Mysteria, NYC, NY. (collaborative paintings w/Margaret Lee)
Helena Papadopoulos, ReMap3: solo presentation, Athens, Greece.
Halsey McKay Gallery, The Idea of the Thing that Isn't, curated by Rachel Uffner, East Hampton, NY.
Blum & Poe, Glee, curated by Cecilia Alemani. Los Angeles, CA.
Gresham's Ghost, SKIN SO SOFT, organized by Josh Kline. NYC, NY.
Noma Gallery, HOW DO YOU DO, organized by Margaret Lee. San Fran, CA.
Sculpture Center,Vide Poche, curated by Fionn Meade. NYC.

New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art, Inaugural Exhibition, Asbury Park, NJ.
West Street Gallery, Michele Abeles and Dominic Nurre, NYC, NY.
Bukowskis, Home and Origin, curated by Rodrigo Mallea Lira, Stockholm, Sweden.
MOMA PS1, GNY: Rotating Gallery 2, "the backroom," organized by Kate Fowle, Long lsland City, NY.
Laurel Gitlen Gallery, in here, NYC, NY.
Mount Tremper Arts, Seven Summits, Mt. Tremper, NY.
MOMA PS1, Greater New York 2010, Long Island City, NY.
White Columns, Michele Abeles/Margaret Lee/Darren Bader, project organized by Margaret Lee, NYC, NY.

X Inititative, Blind Spot Auction Exhibition, NYC, NY.
Performa 09, Circular File, Episode 2006 (screened Nov. 14 on MNN), NYC, NY.
Bellwether Gallery, A Song for Those in Search of What They Came With, curated by David Benjamin Sherry, NYC, NY.
Prague Biennale 4, The Newest New York, Prague, Czech Republic.
Werkstette, Oneshot, curated by Jesper Elg/v1 gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.
PPOW Gallery, ‚ÄúYoung Curators, New Ideas,‚ÄĚ NYC, NY.
Soil Gallery, Curious Silence, Seattle, WA.
Co-Lab Gallery, Wreath of Poppies, Copenhagen, Denmark.

High Desert Test Sites, Swapmeet, curated by Amy and Wendy Yao, Joshua Tree, CA.
Fette’s Gallery, (Untitled) u = ____ [ a photographic group show ], Los Angeles, CA.

Danziger Projects, Yale MFA Photography, NYC, NY.
High Desert Test Sites, Swapmeet, curated by Amy and Wendy Yao, Joshua Tree, CA.
Green Hall Gallery, MFA Thesis Exhibition, New Haven, CT.
Big Car Gallery, Proof! We're Gone, Indianapolis, IN.

China Art Objects, Smoking Mirrors
Green Hall Gallery, 2nd Year MFA, New Haven, CT.

Art and Commerce, Festival of Emerging Photographers, NYC, Tokyo, Stockholm, Madrid.
V-1 Gallery, Random Happenings, Copenhagen, Denmark.
National Arts Club, Portraits, NYC, NY.

V-1 Gallery, The Hunt for Your Family, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Odd Number Gallery, A Show Curated by Loyal Magazine, Stockholm, Sweden.
Photographic Center Northwest, Sustaining Vision, curated by Ann Wilkes Tucker, Seattle, WA.