Selected works by Rebecca Turner

Rebecca Turner


Paper pulp, mixed media

150 cm in diameter

Rebecca Turner describes her work as “some parasitic creature[s] feeding off our architecture.” Dumbstruck, a ball of greyish-pink paper pulp protruding from the gallery wall, seems to have rested there on its way up, like a lone balloon after a children’s party. And yet its tense and muted energy, as the title suggests, create a darker atmosphere, where the apparent lightness of the paper ball, like something spat out of a biro in a classroom, seems suddenly weighty and uncontrollable. The sculptural occupation of physical space – a thing that takes the place of another thing, like the human body itself – has, here, something of the sinister atmosphere of an apparition in a dream: its uncanny position implies an inversion of conventional gravity, turning the gallery space into something unstable and treacherous. Like a boulder rumbling towards an unsuspecting cartoon character, Turner’s work makes light of physicality, its threats absurd, its implications darker, more troubling.

Text by Ben Street

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Rebecca Turner (BA Fine Art: Sculpture) explores the relationship between space and what occupies it, and is particularly interested in the disruption of patterns of movement. Her large astronomical forms which she associates in unlikely ways to the surrounding objects and architecture can be somewhat baffling. Like a mysterious or unworldly invasion these often spherical anomalies, while playing with gravitational limitations, interrupt the ease of an apparently predetermined trajectory. The viewer must negotiate their unavoidable presence wherever they are clinging, anchored like some parasitic creature feeding off our architecture.
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Additional exhibition information- Rebecca Turner