Selected works by Ronin Cho

Ronin Cho
We Know This But We Just Don't Know How To Show It


Pine, door, proximity sensor, micro-processor

85 x 45 x 199 cm

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Additional information – Ronin Cho
Ronin Cho's 'Homage to Old Rug Makers', I realised was making me anxious. Laid in the centre of the floor, he had constructed a mat out of tiny, coloured, crushable lightbulbs. With a background in motion graphics, the artist expressed a desire to create something more tangible, more lasting than digital creations. Proof, I suppose, that the digital revolution has not truly transformed the art world just yet, the 'object' still reigns supreme. This is not a criticism, as Cho's work is testament to how the digital can influence art to produce new kinds of 'objects'- an expression of the digital via the physical
Additional exhibition information- Ronin Cho