Selected works by Stephanie Quayle

Stephanie Quayle
Two Cows


Air-hardening clay, chicken wire, steel

230 x 340 x 170 cm

Primitivistic, essential and elemental; the sculptures of Stephanie Quayle link man to nature, animal to human, through the organic material of clay itself.
Working on a farm, the relationship that lies between beast, both domestic and wild, and human is of central concern; “I’m interested in how much we align or distance ourselves from them – how they reflect, question and return our gaze. How they see into our souls and connect us to the natural world and force of nature inherent within.”

Stephanie Quayle
Lion Man


Air-hardening clay, chicken wire, steel

90 x 80 x 165 cm

The process of sculpting each creature takes on a quasi-spiritual aspect in Quayle’s practice, resulting from a long process of sketching in front of her animal subject, and formed through layering up clay in a rapid process. “I want the fastest most direct, most subconscious way to work, vigorous and direct, the clay becomes inhabited. As old as mankind and coming directly from the ground, the clay seems to retain its primitive sense of earth, soil, mud and connection to the land.” Rendered at life scale, their presence in the gallery space is muscular and impressive, reanimating a sense of shared connection between living matter, an extra lingual sensation that has been lost in the progressive severing of the link between ourselves and nature rendered through technological process and the prevalence of the urban environment.

© Natasha Hoare, 2015

Stephanie Quayle's Biography

Stephanie Quayle
Born in 1982, Isle of man, UK
Lives and works in the Isle of man, UK


Lion Man, TJ Boulting, London
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales

Bull in a China Shop, Trolley Gallery, London


Collective Noun, Faggionato Fine Art, London

Small Is Beautiful. Group show, Flowers East Gallery, London
A Curious Context , Canary Wharf
Banf National Park, Canadian Ice Carving Competition
Zelli Porcelain show, London

Vixen. Cass Foundation, Goodwood Sculpture Park
Animal Farm , Mr Paisley’s Lashing, Homewood House

Un-still Life Apartment Gallery, London
Tiger, Cass Foundation, Goodwood Sculpture Park
Fast and Furious, Dakha University, Bangladesh
Unnatural Habitats,Flowers East Gallery, Hoxton, London
The Clearing, Nettie Horn Gallery, London

Little Brown job, 20 Hoxton Square, London.
Bronze Age, Sculpture Prize Show, Limehouse, London
Muck ‘n’ Brass. Temporary Sculpture, Hyde Park

Ice sculpture and Snow sculpture, Latvia Ice sculpture Festival
Mammoth, Poustinia Sculpture Park, Belize
Bronze Water feature for residential courtyard. Commission, Isle of Man

Ten, Group show, Old Street, London

Student show, Victorian College of Art, Melbourne, Australia

Water feature for The Island Games, Isle of Man