Systems House

Selected works by Systems House

Systems House
Single Screen Wall Mounted Construction I


Two-way security mirror, steel, brass

60 x 73 x 60 cm

artin Fletcher’s pseudonym Systems House sounds more like an IT corporation or online security company than a lone artist; this inference of anonymous power is inherent to his work. System House’s sculptures draw similar connotations to communication and surveillance technologies. Single Screen Wall Mounted Construction I looks like a monitor or solar panel, and is made from two-way mirror. Its sleek design is both elegant and sinister, and places viewers in a position of uncertainty: are you watching or being watched?

Systems House
Radial Construction in Space II


Perspex (red, black and 2 way mirror), steel & brass

210cm x 80 x 80cm

Systems House draws equally from artistic traditions such as minimalism, and outdated 20th century technology design. His sculptures evoke an obsolete futurism: a fated utopian belief in progress and its dark Orwellian insinuations. Perched like an elaborate TV antennae or broadcast tower model, Radial Construction In Space II encapsulates these associations in a seductive and fetishistic object. Its domestic proportions and tastefully coloured panels transplant ideas of supremacy and control into the realm of consumerism and lifestyle.

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