Thomas Kiesewetter

Selected works by Thomas Kiesewetter

Thomas Kiesewetter
Matisse Blau


Sheet metal, steel, lacquer

117.5 x 156 x 133 cm
Thomas Kiesewetter makes elegant abstract sculptures in which an industrial material, sheet metal, is playfully bent, folded and imbued with organic, almost human characteristics. Bolted together and painted in bold colours, his sculptures are reminiscent of modernist architectural shapes, as much as they make us conscious of the solidity of their single material. These angular works, unified by their material and their colour, look as if they have been frozen in action, caught mid-stride in their slightly neurotic articulation.
Thomas Kiesewetter


Sheet metal, steel, spraypaint

135 x 149 x 89 cm

‘What strikes me with metal as a material is its resistance. Metal seems to me like a stubborn interlocutor and the attempt to change it by pushing and bending involves a certain energy and power. The material demands patience, as it needs to be persuaded into acquiescence while it rigidly proclaims itself as unalterable. When the metal is bent physically, the energy of bending remains apparent.’

Matisse Blau and Barriere (both 2010) rest on plinths and are far sturdier than the more precarious shapes of his previous works. ‘The earlier sculptures such as Untitled (2004) are static and resemble figures. There is a constant notion of a singular unity that continues throughout the working process.’

Thomas Kiesewetter


Sheet metal, paint

215 x 142 x 160 cm
The newer works push the material and formal qualities of metal further, collapsing what look like architectonic quotations and modernist atelier icons, and at the same time ironically redefining the connotations of his material – from rigid hardness, strength and industrial alienation, to something more pliable, harmless and life-like. Matisse Blau and Barriere have more of a flow and momentum. In these sculptures I tried to capture something of the lightness of Henri Matisse’s paper cut-outs against the heaviness of the metal.’

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Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin, 28 August – 9 October 2010.
Open perspectives and compact volumes, liberality and small-scale precision, light forms and heavy metal – the sculptures by Thomas Kiesewetter live from dissonances.
Thomas Kiesewetter began his artistic career at the end of the 1980s with study at the Berlin University of Fine Arts. While devoting himself primarily to painting, he has been working sculpturally since 1999. In New York where Kiesewetter lived at the beginning of the millennium his sculptural vocabulary defined.
Solo show at Sies & Höke gallery, Dusseldorf March 12th — April 10th, 2010
With Thomas Kiesewetter (*1963) Sies + Höke presents a new member of the gallery, who has already exhibited largely within an international context. It is the Berlin based artist’s third solo show in Germany presenting eight new works. Kiesewetters sculptures consist of bent, folded, riveted and welded pieces of metal, plastic or cardboard that he coats with monochrome colors and presents as abstract assemblages on self-made pedestals.
Thomas Kiesewetter’s work at Roberts and Tilton gallery, California
Materiality and form are central concerns in Kiesewetter’s work. Scraps of sheet metal bolted together and painted, his sculptures have an architectural sensibility and a modernist aesthetic. The funky constructions sometimes seem make-shift yet achieve a precise balance and a strong and whimsical presence.
Thomas Kiesewetter at Frieze 2009