Selected works by Tom Burr

Tom Burr
Bitch, Immediately After Vinyl


stained plywood, metal structure, vinyl (flower)

180 x 80 x 165cm
In Tom Burr’s Bitch, Immediately After Vinyl, the title makes reference to Andy Warhol’s film Vinyl which is loosely based on Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange. Made from metal, wood, and vinyl, Burr’s sculpture balances the seductive qualities of his materials with formalist objectivity. Incorporating references to minimalism, design, and social space, Burr infuses the manufactured aesthetic and sleek lines of 60s sculpture with an ultra-modern sensibility, incorporating narrative associations. Through his sparse presentation and refined media, Burr’s arrangement compels with almost fetishistic elegance; its domestic size and ‘naughty’ details create an evocative subtext to the austerity of his composition.

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Conceptually oriented artists tend to be either obsessed or dismissive towards the objects they use. In most cases somebody else produces the work for them using standard industrial materials. The function of these objects is often descriptive, illustrating of a set of ideas expressed more accurately by textual means. The ideological value of the present or absent texts is mainly to justify the uninteresting objects in their expository function which are as quickly to be interchangeable as produced.