Selected works by Vikenti Nilin

Vikenti Nilin
From the Neighbours Series


Giclée print

165 x 110 cm

The stars of Vikenti Nilin’s ‘Neighbours’ series probably come from all walks of life but they have one thing in common: they are staring into their own abyss, conveniently found in the familiar surroundings of the commonplace Soviet tower block. Yet they don’t seem in the least bit worried. Deadpan doesn’t begin to sum up the mood hanging around Nilin’s black and white portraits. The expressions on his subjects, as they perch on the edge of windowsills and balconies, are phlegmatic, unimpressed, relaxed and almost bored.

Vikenti Nilin’s photographs and installations are glacially sardonic, direct and to the point, but their oblique meaning can end up provoking nervous laughter. His images suggest a state of incarnate passivity, suspension and permanent transition, perhaps morosely alluding to the state of politics in his home country.

Vikenti Nilin
Pidjak Dla Khodby Na Rukakh


Textile, found parts

Dimensions variable

The ‘Neighbours’ series, taciturnly described by the artist as “the current state of practice, started in 1993”, are cryptic yet self-explanatory. We don’t really need to ask why these people are sitting so comfortably on the edge of their windowsills and balconies; possible reasons for falling can be intuited, but the suspension is Nilin’s magic trick.

Pidjak Dla Khodby Na Rukakh is made up of a transparent mannequin wearing a modified tweed jacket with upside down pockets bulging with cables and other things, wearing a smiley face badge on it, and a hook with nothing hanging on it. The set-up is unclear, but it seems that this object too is immune to the physical laws of the universe. Asked to discuss both of these works, Nilin opts for an a propos epigram taken from a Talking Heads song: “...Somewhere in South Carolina/gravity don’t mean a thing...”

Vikenti Nilin
From The Photo Comic Series- Once in Moscow/ An Elephant Devouring a Man/ Fog/ Overtaking


Black and white photographic prints, frames, clamps

Dimensions variable

Vikenti Nilin's Biography

Vikenti Nilin
Born in 1971, Moscow
Lives and works in Moscow


The Swindle, European mission, Moscow
With These People it’s Impossible Otherwise, Museum XXI, Moscow
Women, Art Moscow Fair-Central House of Artists, Moscow

Revisited, XL Gallery, Moscow
The Big Ones, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Women, Central House of Artists, Moscow
The Beautiful Men, in co operation with A. Abazieva- orbita supremus project, DOM Club, Moscow

Monuments, in co-operation with D.A Prigov, PRACTICA Gallery, Moscow
Under the Table, in co-operation with D.A Prigov, REFLEX Gallery, Moscow
Wandelndes Blatt/Zukunsftstroman, in co-operation with Sergey Shoutov, Atelier Am Eck, Dusseldorf

The Collection, Club of Modern Art Collectors, Moscow
Getting Aroused, REFLEX Gallery, Mocow
Magic Mirror/Place of Living, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Interested, Aiden Gallery, Moscow
MJ/WC, Moscow House of Photography, Moscow

2001, Moscow

Photos, Aiden Gallery, Moscow


Gaiety Is The Most Outstanding Feature Of The Soviet Union, Saatchi Gallery, London

Osobennost with Nicolo Ovchinnikov, Moscow

A Big Success, in co operation with Valeriy Aizenberg, escape programme, a special project at Art Moscow Fair, central House of Artists, Moscow
The Wet Ones, Aftermath, in co-operation with Valeriy Aizenberg, Art Moscow Fair, Central House of Artists, Moscow
Retribution, Forbidden Art Exhibition, Andrey Sakharov Museum, Moscow

Messages from 15 Moscow Artists, Helios Cultural Center, Nanto, Toyama, Japan
Retribution, 10th Moscow international forum of art initiatives, Moscow
Osobennost, XI project Gallery, Moscow

Theatre, In The Room Of, Jamez Gallery, Moscow
Sven Goundlach and the Srednerusskaya Vozvyshennost, Gogol Club, Moscow
Sculptor Nilin, In The Room of JameZ Gallery, Moscow
Aftermath, a special projecr at Art Moscow Fair, Central House of Artists, Moscow
Press Centre, a special project at 11 International Adevrtisi8ng and Design Fair, Central House of Artists, Moscow

Opening, Black Square Workshop, Central House of Artists, Moscow
The Show, Black Square Workshop, Central House of Artists, Moscow
The Healer, 9th Moscow international Forum of Art Initiatives, Moscow

Nicolai Gogol. Fragment, Moscow
Appreciation, Black Square Workshop, Balchug Hall, Moscow
Recycle, 9th International Advertising and Design Fair, Central Hose of Artists, Moscow
Nicolai Gogol. Marriage, V.G.I.K, Moscow
Night of Love to Literature, street action, Moscow

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, V.G.I.K, Moscow
The Current Power, Ulitsa O.G.I Gallery, Moscow
A Heavy Case, 8th International Advertising and Design Fair, Central House of Artists, Moscow
The Current Power, In The Room Of, the Institution of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Anton Chekov, The Seagull, XL Gallery, Moscow

Idiot, in co operation with M. Kourov and A Kournyaev, V.G.I.K, Moscow

Bring In, In co-operation with M.Kourov, V.G.I.K, Moscow