Virgile Ittah

Virgile Ittah Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Virgile Ittah
Untitled (For man would remember each murmur)


Mixed wax, marble powder and fabric

75 x 65 x 82 cm

Virgile Ittah’s early work, represented here, is a study in the frailty and transience of human flesh. Life-size abject bodies formed of wax people the gallery space, spectral apparitions that seem un-tethered by gravity. These are trapped in some interstitial zone of being, a limbo between life and death, perhaps even at the moment of the last gasp before the soul flees its mortal shell.

Virgile Ittah
Regarding the Pain of the Other


Mixed wax, marble powder, antique church chair

100 x 130 x 60 cm

This painstaking attention to the detail of human musculature and fleshy frailty recalls the work of Belgian artist Berlinde de Bruckyere, also in the Saatchi Collection. Her process is however more redolent of another artist she references; like Rodin she works to built up the body, rather than carving into it, creating a strangely shifting form, again speaking to the potential release of the life, and the return to inert matter.

Virgile Ittah
Dreams are guilty, absolute and silent by fire


Wax, marble powder, antique industrial stools

148 x 60 x 134 cm

In this she states “When I make a sculpture I’m not trying to make a sculpture, I’m trying to make a living human being’, an effect achieved with uncanny results. Each figure variously represents different autobiographical narratives, and areas of research such as the history of female hysteria. The work Untitled (For man would remember each murmur), is based on her own father’s immigrant status as a Jew of Moroccan origin, in the artists own works “It was a curation of my father’s nostalgia for a country that doesn’t exist anymore...There are no more Jews there, no family – nothing.”

Virgile Ittah
Echoué au seuil de la raison


Mixed wax, marble dust, pair of unique cast iron beds

Dimensions variable

The pale figure, almost melting, bears a particular resonance today in the midst of a migration crisis, in which the bodies of those leaving their home are
mortified at the hands of both smugglers and destination states.

© Natasha Hoare, 2015

Virgile Ittah's Biography

Virgile Ittah
Born 1981, Paris, France
Lives and works in London, UK

2013, MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London


I think mango you say salmon, Annka Kultys Gallery, London: Collective Ittah Yoda. cur: Domenico de Chirico

And this new sleep, La Galerie Particulière, Brussels, Belgium
Walking on the beach imitating sand, Hus Gallery, London: Collective Ittah Yoda

Here’s looking at you, Lychee One Gallery, London: Collective Ittah Yoda


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Haggerston Park, ANDOR Gallery, London
SQUISHY: eels swim in snakey, Julius, Berlin
Lightness, White Rainbow Gallery, London
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Aujourd'hui je dis oui, Lisbon, Collective Ittah Yoda. cur: Aujourd'hui + Domenico de Chirico
Off to Mahoganny, Rye Lane, London
Suggest The Shape of The Wind, Nam Project, Milan

What is a bird? We simply don’t know, Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest, Collective Ittah Yoda cur: Domenico De Chirico

This has nothing to do with politics, The function room, London cur: Jack Tan.
Royal British Society of Sculptor, London
Catlin Prize Exhibition, London
New Order II, Saatchi Gallery, London

New Sensations, Channel 4/ Saatchi Gallery, London
The Open West, Cheltenham gallery + museum, UK, Collective Ittah Yoda
RCA Show, Royal college of art, London

Camera Clara Prize, Gallery UPP, Paris
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Fair, Edinburgh college of art, Edimbourg, UK