Selected works by Zhan Wang

Zhan Wang
Ornamental Rock No. 71

2006 - 2008

Polished stainless steel

170.2 x 157.5 x 106.7 cm
Zhan Wang’s Ornamental Rock No. 71 in a metaphor for the fast changing face of China. Inspired by the public sculpture often found outside Beijing’s new office development buildings, as well as the feng shui of traditional landscape gardening, Zhan created his sculpture by moulding a flat sheet of metal to a natural rock formation; once removed, this shiny skin is reformed to create a hollow and abstract representation of nature. In Chinese custom, rocks and water are the two most important five elements, and through the sculpture’s reflective surface Zhan combines both in a spiritual emblem, merging their associative connotations of stability, prosperity, and wealth.

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A sculptor by nature, Zhan Wang has been very successful in China and abroad. Interested in the emerging tensions found in the urban space as seen in the quickly developing cityscape, Zhan creates works like Ornamental Rock (1996) that dialogue between new technologies and cultural traditions.
Zhan Wang is among the most respected artists in China, having become world-renown for his stainless steel sculptures of “scholars rocks,” the graceful, craggy boulders found in several provinces around China that seem to have been sculpted by natural forces into complex forms worthy of thoughtful contemplation–almost like mental or spiritual landscapes.
Zhan Wang (1962 Beijing) is one of China's leading sculptors. The series of artificial rocks are among his most popular works among curators and collectors.
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Williamstown, MA–the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) proudly presents Bejing-based sculptor Zhan Wang’s Urban Landscape: Beijng. Expect the unexpected with this on-site installation.