Zhang Xiaotao Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Zhang Xiaotao
Ants Moving Things No.3


Oil on canvas

200 x 300 cm
Oscillating between the macro and micro, the engulfing scale of Zhang Xioatao’s paintings is at odds with his tiny subjects, each canvas encapsulating a sense of ’universe’ within their humble depictions. Approaching painting as an archetype of beauty, Zhang’s surfaces are vivacious in their intensely rich detail. Mesmerising with lush textures and soulful hues, Zhang magnifies the conception of space and physicality, creating a sense of infinity within the minute and claustrophobic.
Zhang Xiaotao


Oil on canvas

300 x 200 cm
Through painting rodents, insects, and other emblems of decay, Zhang transfers this contemplative wonder into the realm of the grotesque, situating the viewer amongst the lowly and parasitic and creating sensuously emotive metaphors for the human condition. In Ants Moving Things No. 3, the collective will and movement of a colony is imparted as equally heroic and oppressive within an industrial setting suggestive of social realist propaganda; while in Travel, the plight of a drowning rat manifests individual conscience with poignant tranquillity, sorrow, and grace.

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Zhang Xiaotao's Biography

Zhang Xiaotao
Born in Hechuan, Chongqing, China

Lives and works in Beijing and Chengdu, China


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An Entropic Vision, Shanghai Shine Art Space, China

Dreamscapes Foundation3, 14 Bergen ,Norway
Dreamscapes M.K.Ciulionis Nat. Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania

Dream Factory-Rubbish heap Beijing Tokyo Art Projects Beijing

Materialistic Decay Gallery Akie Aricchi Art Contemporary Paris France

Desire Kunst Akademie Muenster Germany

Flowers in the Dream Tokyo Gallery Japan


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Chinese Whisper, Osage kwun tong, Hongkong
New Painting from Southwest China, K gallery, Chengdu, China
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The Art of Seduction-- From Schiele to Warhol, Minoritenkloster Tulln, Austria

Jiang Hu, Jack Tilton Gallery , New York
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