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January 2 - 30, 2011.
Closing reception and book signing: Saturday, January 29, 2011, 3:00 - 5:00 P.M.

LA Artcore presents the exhibition "Whistler's Aunt" featuring the paintings of the Atlanta-born artist Sallie Whistler Marcucci.

In conjunction with the exhibition the artist will sign her new book "Cartoonss by Sallie" on January 29th. The book, published by Editrice Innocenti, will feature a collection of sketches and drawings from the last 30 years contributing for Italian newspapers, Il Messagero, La Repubblica, La Nazione, as well as a number of magazines and books published in Europe and the U.S.A. In addition the artist will present her new sketches about her observations of life in Los Angeles.

An original soundtrack titled "Whistler's Aunt" was commissioned to accompany this exhibition. The instrumental score was created and performed by Italian composers Sabina Manetti and Emiliano Pasquinucci.
You can hear this soundtrack by visiting YouTube at:

Sallie Whistler Marcucci's works have a beautiful, poetic vibrancy in her imagery - a resonant energy with an harmonious flow like music. In this sense it is "pure painting", expanding moment by moment with vitality and force. Using a musical metaphor, Sallie Whistler Marcucci blends the free-flow improvisation of Jazz atop the formality and structure of Classical music.

On one hand, Sallie Whistler Marcucci's pictures seem modern. Bold patters and flat shapes are composed with abstract discipline, but the images are evocative of ancient Roman cities, Medieval tapestries and Japanese paintings. Her touch is delicate, but the overall image results complex and bold.
Each work is a construction of overlapping layers of thin acrylic paint, creating a uniform but rich textural effect. A precise sense of graphic value embodies a variety of contrasts: intricate detail, bold composition and whispered nuance.

Perhaps the most attractive element in her paintings is the air of mystery that permeates the imagery. This might be the result of her creating process, where shapes and patterns are created, to then be masked, blended or even erased by the subsequent layers of paint. Sometimes entire compositions are hidden from view - buried under the last layer of paint - but their ghosts images is still felt.

Sallie Whistler Marcucci (a descendant of American artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler), began studying art with artist Hans Joachim Staude soon after moving to Florence, Italy, in the early 50's. In 1956, she attended the Art Student's League in New York to study lithography and etching with artist Harry Sternberg, then studied watercolor with Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg, Austria.

The Tuscany-resident artist's past solo exhibitions includes the High Museum of Art in Atlanta (1959), Georgia, at Palazzo Strozzi (1962) and Torre di Bellosguardo in Florence (1967), Two Worlds Festival in Spoleto (1972), Italy, at Galleria Lancilotto in Rome (1972), Ann Jacob Gallery Atlanta (1982), Ann Jacob Gallery Palm Beach (1989), University of Brenau, Athens, Georgia, (1989), at the Centro d’Arte Visive, in Piombino, Italy (2006), Torre di San Vincenzo and Zanzibar in San Vincenzo, Italy (2009). Her group exhibitions include Piazza Donatello, Florence (1959), FĂȘte de Saint Maur sur Loir at Chateau de Memillon, France (1973), Temple University Abroad in Rome (1974), and “Etruriarte Salone di Arte Contemporanea" in Venturina, Italy (1992, 1993).

Sallie Whistler Marcucci collaborated with the Canadian photographer Roloff Beny on four books: Persia, Bridge of Turquoise, 1975; Iran, Elements of Destiny, 1978; Odyssey, 1981; and Rajasthan, 1984.

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