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Desiccated Proxies: Paintings, Installation and 3d works by Jose Tence Ruiz

The unending project of artmaking will, generally, fall short of its aims.To make art is to plumb the poetry in tedium, to chase the impossibility of enduring beauty in a stricken universe, to probe the ineffable divinity of the flawed, if not the downright abject. Wielding media to scratch at likenesses of the sublime and its twin contradictions often yields for the art maker merely a roomful of desiccated proxies.

Art may never capture the divine. Art may never come any closer than it has for the last 15,000 years towards palpably rendering the transcendent. Art may always remain a finite, perishable frustration, clawed upon by possessed beings, never fully satisfied, yet never fully giving up on the window to a higher frame of seeing. As a reward, the desiccated proxies we cherish, treasure, castigate, condemn or at least listen to and observe offer a pained hope that we might know above ourselves.

After 35 years of wrestling with his own proxies, Jose Tence Ruiz does not claim to find himself closer to any steadfast residue of what hovers above, or beyond or even invisibly adjacent. And there lies the burning, the motive, the goading onward towards a distillation of spirit, in media that must perforce be lifeless, ergo desiccated, yet imbued with the suggestion of eternal surge. The forging of art is sweet self-flagellation and this exhibit again begs the audience to forgive an artist’s self-indulgence that he might, in a twisted way, be above this low state.

Desiccated Proxies combines new paintings, 3d pieces and installations in a search for what may never be resolved. The exhibit opens at Galleria Duemila on Saturday, the 7th of January 2012 and will run until the 29th of February. Galleria Duemila is at 210 Loring Street, Pasay City, Metro Manila

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