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The Firewall, Christina Dimitriadis, april 3th – may 16th,curated by Valentina Ciarallo

With the occasion of Freaky Friday 2009, tied to “ROMA The Road to Contemporary Art,” z2o Galleria | Sara Zanin is proud to present the first appearance in Italy by Christina Dimitriadis, under the curation of Valentina Ciarallo, entitled “The Firewalls”- Berlin 2008-2009.
The central themes of the photographic work of this Greek artist are primarily subjects tied to her familial environment, to memory, to time, where human relationship is at the base of her research. The concept of identità from the past, present and future is accompanied by the intimate and existential anxiety that always characterizes her work.
The project “The Firewalls” represents a series of walls photographed in the west end of Berlin that give witness to that which the past has lived. Traces ignored and forgotten emerge in the metropolitan environment of a city in continual evolution and change where one decides daily what to preserve, destroy and reconstruct. The architecture of the “Firewalls” is inserted in this context of monuments that characterize the city and the collective memory, and of the appearances that can be perceived also as empty spaces.
The gallery becomes a kind of road, the same where the facades of “Firewalls” look at one another and compare each other reminiscent almost of a cemetery-like feeling pervasive from a sense of oppression. The use of these images serve also to showcase the horror of a narrow and obscured past where perhaps the future remains still unknown. Berlin, the city of the 21st century, reinvents itself continually and also reinvents its history. And it is in the name of this history that the city refuses its historicism and eliminates traces of it.
Christina Dimitriadis, born in Salonicco in 1967, lives and works in Berlin. She has participated in numerous individual and group shows in Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen, Beijing and Tokyo.

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