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In June 2006, a new art institution, Tang Contemporary Art,was established in the new art Mecca in Beijing, a place called 798 plant, or DaShanZi, where a former state-owned electronic factory was accommodated. Now the whole area is converted into a cultural zone, an art frontier of Beijing, China and a touchstone to prove Beijing\'s ambition & ability to develop into a major global mega-polis in the coming decade. Under this historical background amid a new & developing art compound, Tang Contemporary Art has announced its birth, its new name and identity, to celebrate the opening of a new art space in Beijing, China. The aim of the centre is to focus on the promotion & development of Chinese & foreign contemporary art, as well as improving the mutual dynamism between Chinese artists and their foreign counterparts.

Tang Contemporary Art is located in the heart of 798 factory area, and the gallery space occupies 600 sqm with the maximum height of the building exceeding 12 meters. This spacious place guarantees to provide a best possible environment for accommodating various art activities. The centre holds art exhibitions on a regular basis, and also engaged in artwork & theory publication, launching academic forum & giving support & consultancy services to organizations & individuals in art collection. The centre also owns a sub-branch Tang Contemporary Art Bankok in Thailand, which is among the top galleries dealing with comtemporary Chinese art through a string of exhibitions featuring highly established and sought-after artists.

While Tang Contemporary Art will still be continuing to initiate and push contemporary Chinese artists to help further knowledge and appreciation of the new dynamism in Chinese art, we are also heading towards a broader ambitions to pursue an expansive interest in the rapidly developing world of Asian contemporary art, with an envision that the potential and vibrancy of artistic boundaries know no bounds and borders. By producing the best art, in the best possible conditions, Tang Contemporary Art responds and supports a range of exhibitions/projects from painting, sculpture, photography, installation, to new media and conceptual etc. More importantly, the centre wants to encourage significant artistic visions that brim with imaginative vitality.

Within our exhibition programs, the centre initiates series of curatorial-led activities that encourage and identify imaginative and uncharted territories of art-making – to give an exhibition/project a proper breathing space it requires. It is a willingness to explore unusual avenues when selecting artists, themes and subject approaches.

In step with the expanding growth of our activity scope, Tang Contemporary Art now also provides art consultancy to corporate clients, cultural organizations, and individual collectors. We offer curatorial advice, research and sourcing. We also do art leasing, purchasing and management of private and corporate collections.

As Beijing is the cultural centre of modern China, the capital city thus provides a best platform for Tang Contemporary Art to pursue its dream & ambition. In this globalization era, and in an increasingly materialized & despiritualized world, we just want to to our best to make our tiny contribution to the progression and development of Chinese contemporary art & culture in the broader sense.

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