Gallery/Dealer Details - Vera Cortês Art Agency

Create exceptions, respect convictions - this is the motto of Vera Cortês Art Agency, which keeps an open house on the first floor of a 19th century building facing Lisbon's waterfront avenue. The agency was created in December 2003 to promote emerging artists and mediate their introduction in the art market and its several public and private parties.
Its present space was opened in 2005 to serve both as working place and venue where to exhibit the works of represented and invited artists in a friendly environment.
This is an open house where public, collectors and friends can drop by to see artists' works, refer to catalogues or simply chat about art, the universe and everything, and of course the same goes to the artists.
Rather than a space, the agency is made of relationships established and tended to between the many actors in the sphere of contemporary art, thus creating synergies that bring everyone involved into the next level, be it artist, collector or the public.
At Vera Cortês, one always finds an open mind, ready to look at new projects and willing to take the risk. No one steps back and watches while the others work, no one is expected to single-handedly find all answers: the team is actively involved in the production, working in collaboration with the artists in order to create the necessary conditions for the projects to take place.
Vera Cortês Art Agency was born special in 2003. It is now 2007, the artists blossomed, the agency flourished, and it still is special.

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