Gallery/Dealer Details - Antonio (Pure Art Space)

Pure Art Space is runed by Antonio(郭文转).He is an experienced artistWho we are?
Pure Art Space art gallery was set up in 1997 in Xiamen,one of famous paitning producing bases in China.We are an oil painting wholesale factory with more than 10 years experiences on oil painting production.
We get our own art gallery and working studios and own more than 200 artists in our studios.

What we can do?
At Pure Art Space,we offer handmade oil paintings,including original oil painting and oil on canvas reproductions of most famous artworks.
There is no high-tech wizardry,computer tricts or printing presses behind our artworks.All of our paintings are compeletly handmade on a blank canvas with oil.And We'll work with you throughout the process to make sure that all the oil paintings you received are exactly what you want.

We can recreat any masterpiece by experienced artists.If we don't have the piece you are looking for,please contact us ,we will find it and reproduce for you.

We can turn any of your favorit photos in to a amazing painting,we could capure best view of your hometown or gardern yard ,a happy bride's glow,a lovely kid's smile,a mother's wrinkel,a grandfather's eyes a dog's mischief,even you beloved sport car's bright and valiant look.

We also can combine,edit and alert photos to make new piece.May be a new background,maybe a new dress,or even a new hairstyle.

We could offer you perfect paintings at wholesale price.

What we can promise?
We could guarantee good quality paintings from skilled artsits.As paintings are directly from artists ,we could promised you the best price.
Timely and safe delivery is also promised here.
100% money back within 7 days from the day you got our painting.

What do we supply ?
We offer all kinds high quality oil paintings ,including floral (flower)oil painting , still life ,abstract oil painting,decorative painting landscape art painting , animal artworks,cityscape oil painting , figure oil painting famous masterpiece reproduction,photo to painting and so on .

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