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The Thai Buddhist Art Project

The Project planned of which this Website is a part, is aimed primarily at promoting Thai Buddhist Arts and Artisanry to to the International Art Community, and to develop a strong foundation and database of research info on the Thai Fine (Buddhist) Arts. This is in the hope and prayer, that Thailand’s Ultra Rich heritage of Artistic Wealth and large mass of Masterful Artists will receive the Exposure and Interest which the Artists, the Connoisseur Collectors, The Art World, and the Thai Buddhist Art Genre deserve. In order to achieve this however, it should be obvious that we need to be a commercial operation to be able to fund and finance the further growth and development of a web project into a ‘Real Live International Museum and Art Gallery’, which is intended to develop into an institute and foundation for assisting Thai Buddhist Arts to take the stand and step up to the Podium, and receive the Well Deserved International Interest and Collector-ship which shoud really be already existent in the International Art Community,but which has till now evaded the interest of any capable Patron or Promoter who is fluent in both Thai and English, and has the interest, and Contact Infrastructure to Manifest the Idea.

Why we decided to start the Thai Buddhist Art Project

We decided to accept the massive responsibility of this worthy cause, when our Sponsor and Patron, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, began to notice how Thai Buddhist Fine Art seems to have been swept under the doormat, and neither promoted, acceptably and sufficiently documented, explained, or exploited. Nor has it any real official or established foundations, or Centers for its preservation, enough cultivation of interest, or promotion in the International Fine Art Arena. We were approached by Ajarn Spencer who has and is continually working and in contact with Thai Artists, Young and Old, Modern and Traditional, to make the lines of access, trade and Artistic Interchange open up and flourish on a Global Market of Art Appreciation, Study and Collection.

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