Gallery/Dealer Details - Mutation

Painter Lubos Mandat was born on the 19.06. 1961.

He completed a Secondary graphic school in Hellichova street, where he also specialized in the profession of photography. He is an original interpreter of the underground. His paintings fire up spectators' imagination and bring associations to music. Words of W. Kandinsky: "an artist is a hand that strikes one or another key and causes vibrations of the soul". Looking at these art pieces, we are witnessing dramatic mutations that take place in our body.

MUTATION is also the name of an exhibition, under which the artist exhibited his work for the first time in the "Galeria K" gallery already in 1994. This exhibition placed the author among renowned Czech and foreign artists, which is proven by the fact that the whole exhibition was sold to Switzerland. Critics call him the new-age Faust.

Lubos Mandat loves fantasy, that lady which can be courted only by a person that can perceive her beauty. The paintings of L. Mandat can be seen during a variety of social events, e.g. during the christening of a book by Dagmar Kludska, which was hosted by Bara Basikova; in the Hotel Ungelt they decorate newly reconstructed foyer during a variety CSA events and other cultural and social events, which are accompanied by fashion shows etc. Opening days are hosted by personalities such as moderator Bara Stepanova, who said that some of these paintings already serve as an artistic addition to her apartment, violin player Jaroslav Sveceny, actress Eva Jakoubkova. Author's paintings are property of private collections of personalities from social and political sphere. They grace galleries locally and abroad.

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