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Here’s how Janine Rubeiz, founder of the first Lebanese Cultural Center in 1967, narrates about the birth of Dar el Fan: "the Sixties witnessed in Lebanon an exceptional sparkle in the cultural field... We were many gathering for discussions at coffee salons, but everyone felt the urge of finding a place to meet that we would relate to as our own, and then there was Dar el Fan... Inaugurated in November 1967, a conference was held in the attendance of Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues." In spite of the years of war and with the destruction of Dar el Fan Premises in 1975, Janine Rubeiz decided to continue the center’s activities, in her own apartment. The public never failed to attend. They held to her faith until the war stopped. They made it to the end.

Janine Rubeiz died in 1992. Her daughter, Nadine Majdalani Begdache, her assistant since 1980, took the initiative of transforming the entire residence to an art gallery, in memory of her mother and mentor Janine Rubeiz. The 90’s marked a new era for Lebanon. The country is in a recovery period being built again, new challenges to come and a new cultural role to play once more so that Lebanon remains.

With the aid and support of old artist friends, Nadine Begdache organizes between 6 and 8 expositions for various artists along the year, as well as prestigious expositions that hosts artists of international fame and world recognized reputation such as: Moebius, Peter Alexander, Antonio Segui, Adam Honein, Graham Day, Etel Adnan, Shafic Abboud along with art retrospectives of famous late artists.

Thus the great names and the artistic young talents follow one another within the framework of expositions often organized by theme or to convey a direct message to the public. The outcome of a long groundwork, each event is accompanied by an edition of postcards, a catalogue, and a press release of the artists’ press reviews.

Over time, Janine Rubeiz Gallery has expanded its activities and broadened its presence taking part in International Fairs since 1997 (Geneva - Paris - Strasbourg), and that in April 1999, invited to Europ' Art – Geneva. It organized an exposure of theme muséal representing 40 years of Lebanese contemporary art. Similar events took place with various resumptions and recently with the Festival of Francophones Faces of Cahors in France.

It is since 1992 and the gallery’s management is in constant search for young talents and artists in Lebanon and all around the world in an attempt of creating a cultural mélange of multiple diverse artistic identities.

Janine Rubeiz Gallery now exhibits for a number of young multinational artists and hosts contemporary arts subsequent to 1970.

If the political situation has chaired the birth of the gallery, it is the gallery’s mission today to prevail and promote cultural politics in Lebanon.

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