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artMbassy Gallery

artMbassy was founded by Chiara Erika Marzi in April 2005 as a gallery for contemporary arts situated in the very centre of Berlin between the Museumsinsel and the Hackescher Markt.

For artMbassy Tim Lange, Judith Metz and Alexandra Strüven form the well-chosen group of main curators that is partly supported by associated curators such as Julie August, Eberhard Bosslet or Christian Malycha. As different as these personalities are all the more diverse are their approaches to contemporary art which the gallery clearly incorporates within its concept and program.

The team shares both work and success – this modern and flexible working method provides enough room for those involved to launch into their own activities and further cultural projects. artMbassy thus sees itself as a platform of artistic exchange and debate that is permanently enriched by individual viewpoints and very different perspectives of artists, curators and the public.

Through collaboration with associated curators and cultural institutions aswell as by participating in art fairs one of artMbassy’s important aims is achieved: exhibitions that enable the vivid interaction of connoisseurs and collectors from other cities, countries and even cultures.

Therefore new foundations of further artMbassy galleries in Germany and abroad are planned for the years 2006/2007. The Berlin gallery will function furthermore as a home base to establish an interactive network between these satellite galleries.

The objective is to bring about an exchange between the Berlin artists and those artists involved with the satallites of artMbassy in the rest of the world. These new establishments expose the artists to new audiences and foster contacts to new groups of collectors and purchasers.

artMbassy offers widespread perspectives on the different genres of contemporary art by both new and established artists.

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