Forthcoming Exhibitions - Gallery 400

Asma Kazmi, "Relation - Chute"

Relation-Chute attempts to change Kazmi's disassociated relationship with the image of pain by changing her proximity to pain and death. By documenting her training in an Islamic slaughter house she attempts to close the ever growing distance between the consumption of meat, religious observance, and the reality of death.

Frau Fiber, "Knock Off"

A methodical investigation into the human cost of the mass production and consumption of the apparel industry, Frau Fiber, artist, activist and former textile worker will open a Private Label garment production and retail facility, reconstructing garments originally produced off shore. Bringing the transparency of garment production into the open space of a storefront in downtown Chicago. Frau Fiber will perform the labor of garment construction: weaving, pattern making, cutting, and sewing of garments. The garments will be available for purchase, priced on a geographical sliding scale based on the wages paid a textile worker from locations around the world. Potential hours of operation: Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm. Expected opening Spring 2008.

Justin Cooper, "Thread"

As a one-night performance and large-scale installation Thread explores the dichotomy between important issues in contemporary art practice: the temporary and the permanent; the abstract and the highly personal; the organic and inorganic.

Andy Roche, "Black Iron Vatican"

Roche's film-based project,
"Black Iron Vatican", combines the practice of radical Catholic "witnessing" with the youthful act of dropping out of reality and into music, fantasy and your own room. The exhibition will feature two interrelated films: one, a travelogue depicting Leftist Catholics on their way to a military location, and the other, a low budget sci-fi film. The project explores a space of failure and fantasy, between witnessing and ecstaticism.

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