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The Slate Gallery is proud to present “Out of Sight”, a group exhibition curated by sculptor, performance artist Gillian S. Wilson. Participating artists are Cheol Yu Kim, Karen Margolis, Caitlin Masley, Christian Nguyen, Taney Roniger, and Nickolas Roudané.

Intangible landscapes, fantastic objects, and reconfigured spaces surface as the common language in the works of these six artists. The show celebrates the urge to cross between internal and external worlds while rebuilding the bridge with each journey. It is through this process of looking inwards that these artists can reveal to us the subtle and intricate relationships in the world(s) around us.

Karen Margolis explores relationships between the infinite and the intimate in her drawings and sculpture. Translating her interior monologues into maps, she weaves unobservable phenomena into visual constructions of encoded thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Found architecture from around the world is a point of departure for Caitlin Masley, a recent recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant. She uses painting and drawing to question what we consider to be permanent and stable in her reconfiguration of familiar space. Christian Nguyen's drawings invite the viewer to explore highly psychological and charged architectural interiors. Taney Roniger explores and analyses the complex codes found in nature and technology with monochrome painting. Nickolas Roudané's fascination with perceptual phenomena such as pareidolia, perceiving recognizable forms in the abstract, and scyring methods are sources of inspiration for his hallucinatory and luminous paintings. Cheol Yu Kim drawings render a world of delicate and translucent possibilities using a compendium of childhood fantasy creatures and spaces.

"Out of Sight" will be on view at the Slate Gallery September 14, through October 21, 2007. Please join us for our opening reception and WGA’s fall event on Friday, September 14, 2007 from 7-11pm.

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