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Hop Gallery
Castle Ditch Lane (off Fisher Street)
Lewes, BN7 1YJ
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Joint statement – Press Release

Four Creative Spirits from East Sussex have come together for this vibrant exhibition of work, capturing their visions and presenting them as affordable and collectable pieces of artwork. Marty and Chris have drawn inspiration from the American Southwest whilst Sonya and Margaret are inspired by the spectacular environment surrounding Lewes and Eastbourne. Worlds apart, but united in a diverse mix of painting, sculpture and jewellery in one eclectic, exciting display of creativity.

Chris Byrneham
1066 Country silversmith Chris Byrneham creates unusual precious metal and gemstone items inspired by Art Nouveau, and ancient Celtic, Etruscan, Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo designs in his East Sussex workshop.
Sonya Tatham
Sonya’s paintings are primarily inspired by the natural beauty of the Sussex Landscape, executed with freshness and vibrancy and a deep love of colour. This Eastbourne artist’s work has freedom of expression and looseness of line, in simple yet stunning compositions.
Margaret Turton
My paintings record the Sussex environment in watercolour and acrylic - favourite places and obscure features that make the South Downs and the coast so special. I believe that conservation of the unique environment around East Sussex is paramount.
Marty Waite
After experimenting with sculpture at her Arizona high school, Marty rediscovered the joys of working in clay at an evening class. Her pieces are made with clay coils formed into shapes inspired by the natural world, in particular the landscape of the South Western United States. Eroded canyons, stone arches and sculpted cliffs evolve into torsos, limbs or faces.

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