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June 22nd - July 21st, 2012

It is a great pleasure for Peter Amby Gallery to present 'Collapse'; An exhibition with new works by Magnus Pettersen (b. 1983, NO) and Rasmus Høj Mygind (b. 1982, DK).

The exhibition is a meeting between to two artists who work in very different mediums. Magnus Pettersen works mainly with formal sculpture and installation and Rasmus Høj Mygind explores the boundaries of minimal painting.

For the exhibition, Magnus Pettersen have created a group of column shaped sculptures which consist of colored concrete elements that balance on top of each other, creating a hight up to 2.5 m. In some of his works, he has incorporated light, which make the sculptures almost appear as sort of light houses or bouys that creates pointers through out the room. Rasmus Høj Mygind have created a series of works that all are framed behind glass and where the central element is protective tape which is mounted in what appears as a formal pattern behind the glass. Behind the glass and the tape, Rasmus Høj Mygind have framed smaller paintings on paper, mirror and board. The purpose of a framing is to emphasize a work so it can be presented and viewed under favorable conditions. But in these, almost collage like works, the protective tape is obstructing the visibility to what is framed and removes some of the original features in a framing, but creates a new and interesting context.

The title of the exhibition, 'Collapse', refers to an elect of expectation of an impending destruction the the works; A collapse. This is capsuled in the formal narrative of the works - in both series. Magnus Pettersens sculptural columns have a physical appearence that makes seem disturbingly unstable; like medium-sized concrete models consisting of scrubbed, straight-edged lighting artifacts, and made with a potential post-apocalypse in mind, or maybe as a result of this. Rasmus Høj Myginds' works; pictures, collages or whatever they may be, are already, with their protective tape, prepared for a potential disaster - large or small; a stumbling exhibition guest who bursts into the frame, a collision with the works in concrete, or that the architecture that the works are installed on will actually collapse. This dramatic interpretation and the subtle relationship creates a dialogue and heavy tension between the two artists' work. This creates a ping pong effect around the room which also points out, up and inside. A sort of formal abstract, new minimal interpretation of the zeitgeist in 2012.

Rasmus Høj Mygind (f. 1982, DK)
MFA 2010, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Magnus Pettersen (f. 1985, NO)
MFA 2011, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


Martin Bigum:
Rotor Paintings

May 11th - June 16th, 2012

Martin Bigum belongs amongst the most significant artists of his generation, and following the last two year's exhibitions at Wohnmaschine (Berlin), Dogenhaus (Leipzig), Vejle Kunstmuseum as well as Randers Kunstmuseum, it is a great pleasure for Peter Amby Gallery to present a show with new paintings by the artist. Where the status at the current exhibition at The Kastrupgaard Collection ranges over work from the past eight years, this exhibition shows completely new moves, but in completely different directions: All paintings are painted to be viewed from all four directions, and slowly turn around their own axis on the walls of the gallery, run by a motor behind each painting.The eye of the viewer is constantly shifting when the figurative modernistic painting turns around, and the motive constantly crystalizes new, mysterious sceneries, shapes, content and meanings that you didn't see the moment before.
The works become mental and physical in their rotation, partly because the viewer has to spend a minimum of one minute of their time, the time it takes for the painting to make a full rotation, in order to view the complete motif and time crystalizing, and partly because the actual experience and the perception of the work can come close to being hypnotic.
For Martin Bigum, it is very personal subjects, build on own experiences that he presents in a new artistic context.
The artistic choice, to let the paintings turn around their own axis, is for Martin Bigum a fusion of painting and installation. This can contain new possibilities for the painting, as well as the perception of what a painted surface should be able to - and can do.
The motivic transcendence is possible because Martin Bigum is able to create new narratives in the rotation of the work, and the realistic and figurative becomes almost abstract in this situation.
It is important to mention that the paintings can be installed traditionally on wall, without use of a motor. It is possible to hang them vertically, horizontally or diagonally: They work from all directions.
This exhibition is a culmination of several years of work with synchronicity between different artistic media, as well as an ongoing investigation of the physical movement of the work and the connected impact on the content. A great number of these works can be viewed at the Kastrupgaard Collections exhibition that will be on view simultaneous with the show at Peter Amby Gallery.

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