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100 portraits, a story, a boook.
14 September - 13 October 2007

looked by Francesca Baboni and Stefano Taddei

On the occasion of the Festivalfilosofia 2007, devoted to the theme of the know, the gallery Canalgrande18 introduces a personal exhibition - with unpublished works - of the artist Arnold Mario Dall'O, "Portrait of family", edited by Francesca Baboni and StefanoTaddei. Arnold Mario is inserted in a flow of contemporary images and he builds a series of personifications that have the function to recreate a sort of album of the memoirs type family. The author introduces in fact a series of interpretations inferred by the imaginary contemporary collective, standardized on preset canons and sanctioned, drawing a different modulation of it, playing on the demonstration of the mask that covers the identity of such sold personifications as commodity of exchange.

The show draws therefore to the theme of the portrait seen again in a non conventional key, and it ties him in metaphoric way to the stories of Freddy Longo, that treat of common people, cultured in the normal physiological functions. People that are revealed, without a mask, inside a raw place as the bath. Characters that strip him some his own resistances, are discovered different and they grant us the clear vision of their personality. They come therefore "correct" and elaborated again from the artist, 100 portraits in which the perfect beauty and interchangeable are degraded through the strange and cruel bestiality of the animal world, not without a point of irony. A transformation of identity that goes to compose a "portrait of family" on the kinds. A series of jobs that, situated as an only installation inside the gallery, they can be read as a sort of suspended photographic album, one "room of the memoirs" belonging to an angle of the house of a great family. For the occasion a publication will go out with the reproductions of the works than Dall'O and the stories of Freddy Longo: Arnold Mario Dall'O / Freddy Longo "Portrait of Family" (Raetia Edizioni) with an edited by critical preface Francesca Baboni and Stefano Taddei, that on October 6 will be introduced to her, h. 21,00 during the day of the Contemporary.
Opening Friday September 14 th times 18.00.

Arnold Mario From him or - Portrait of family
edited by Francesca Baboni and Stephen Taddei
14 September-13 October
schedules: from the Tuesday to Friday 10-13 / 16.20
closed Monday morning, Thursday afternoon and Sunday, the whole day
schedule continued for the three days of the festivalfilosofia (14-15-16 September)
10 give to the 23
Gallery of art Canalgrande18
Raced Canalgrande n. 18, Modena
tel. 059220263

It studies to the academy of Belle Arti of Venice, Classroom Widow. Teacher of design of the communication in the academy of design of Bolzano (1988-2003). Alive he works to Bolzano and in Ireland. Personal and collective shows (selection):
Gallery Museum, Bolzano; GalleriaThaddaeus Ropac, Salisburgo; Gallery Sergio Tossi, Florence; Gallery Paul Maria Deanesi, Rovereto; Gallery Goethe, Bozen; Blue gallery, Milan; Gallery Canalgrande18, Modena; Gallery Of Modern art, Bologna; Mart, Rovereto; Civic gallery of Contemporary Art, Trento. Books and catalogs of show: Baroque (with text of Danilo Eccher, Folio Edizioni), Logo et memory (with text of Peter Weiermair, Folio Edizioni), Republic of Welcome (with texts of Valerio Dehò and Letitia Ragaglia, Damiani Editore), Politics (with texts of Letitia Ragaglia and Fred Mazzonelli)

Been Born to Merano (BZ) from Italian mother and Austrian father. Its literary activity spaces from the theater, to the poetry, to the fiction. He has published the harvests of poetry: Instants, Amerika, with preface by Nanni Balestrini; The weapons loosened him with preface of Roberto Carifi,; Itaca, the dream of the ereo, with preface of Joseph Conte and Joseph Marchetti; Poets in Cuba, with preface of Danilo Manera (Silvana Editoriale); Á. breakfast with Tennessee Williams (Baldini Castoldi Publisher).

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