Previous Exhibitions - Wendy J Levy

3rd-24th May: Ian Jarman: Recent Work; Ground Floor Gallery. Ian Jarman’s most recent solo exhibition will feature his signature mixed media pieces as well as his much admired oil paintings on board portraying the iconic urban landscape of Manchester and tranquil scenes of the Suffolk & Scotland coast. Particularly in his Manchester paintings, Jarman aims to convey the energy, vibrancy and atmosphere of an ever-changing city that he has known since childhood. The familiarity with his subject and the tools of his trade, coupled with an extraordinary skill results in a collection of outstanding works.

Ghislaine Howard: Poetry, Passion & Painting; First Floor Gallery. A new exhibition featuring the paintings, prints and drawings of Ghislaine Howard inspired by the poets. Howard is a painter of powerful and expressive means. Her works deal with the human condition, charting and interpreting our shared experience. In this exciting new exhibition, Howard will be continuing the theme of Yeats inspired work that has always been part of her practice, and will include work in a variety of media. Howard’s work is also currently being shown in the exhibition “Ice Age Art: Arrival of the Modern Mind” at the British Museum until 26th May.

COLIN TAYLOR, CHRIS McLOUGHLIN & MATTHEW THOMPSON 5th-26th April: This exciting three-man exhibition explores the contrasts and similarities of three distinct and different artists who share the passion of painting.

Colin Taylor has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, most recently in New York. He divides his time between his twin passions of mountaineering and painting with each activity influencing the other. His work transfers experience and emotion directly to canvas. His direct and rapidly executed approach conveys a determined and unique focus to represent the unrepresent-able.

Chris McLoughlin also has a passion for mountains but has, more recently been enjoying the open spaces of the North West’s beautiful coastline.He paints en plein air and his bold brush marks, vibrant colours, light and shadows create exciting and evocative paintings that capture the imagination and essence of the subject.

Matthew Thompson is a newly emerging young artist whose work is already drawing attention. His interest is mainly, although not exclusively, in the urban environment. Primarily he works in the media of paint, charcoal and pastels, creating passionate and expressive views on everyday life.

JANINA CEBERTOWICZ "MILLS, MEADOWS & MUSIC" 8th February - 1st March 2013: Since 1976 Janina has painted and drawn the landscapes of Britain and Greece. She has been especially influenced by her childhood memories of the time she spent with her father in mills and the industrial environment. Other influences inclued the passing of time, transitory elements of figure in motion and the cange of light in the landscape. Music is also a source of interest for Janina's work. In 1990 she began recording activities at th Royal Northern College of Music. The artist is especially passionate about operatic performances; the expressive, moving figure and dramatic light and shade. In 1997 Janina received the MAFA Bursary Award which enabled her to visit Warsaw, Poland to study musicians at the Warsaw Philharmonic and Chopin Conservatoire. She is currently engaged on a long-term project which has been directly inspired by the visit and the musicians she met.

BILL WARD "PASSING THROUGH" 12th February - 1st March: A new exhibition of photography by the award-winning actor Bill Ward. Bill is well-known for his role as Charlie Stubbs in Coronation Street and his performances at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. He is currently performing in the Spice Girls' Musical Viva Forever now showing at London's West End Piccadilly Theatre. Alwaysan avid photographer, "Passing Through" is a celebration of the places that made the deepest impression on Bill during his time working in Manchester. Limited to small editions of only 10 copies per image, these photographs are proving to be very collectable.
Please see our website at for images and additional information.

WINTER MIXED EXHIBITION 30th November 2012 - 26th January 2013: The Winter Mixed Exhibition features over 40 established artists in both our wonderful ground floor and spacious 1st floor gallery. Artists include Darren Baker, Ian Jarman, Dawn Rowland, John Pegg, Richard Clare, Liam Spencer, Norman Long, Harry Brioche, Ari Rassul, Don McKinlay, Barbara Myers, Benson Landes, Colin Taylor, David Evans, Ben Kelly, Chris McLoughlin, Ian Norris, Michael Ashcroft, Jenny Ryrie, Helen Clapcott, Kenneth Lawson, Sir Peter Blake RA, Lisa De Prudhoe, Russel Howarth, Kevin Haynes, Jean Fenton, Fred Yates, Ken Howard RA, Barbara Rae RA CBE, Ghislaine Howard, Steve Capper, Michelle Leigh, Anne Aspinall, Julie Allen, Alan Joyce, Alan Thompson, Ian Mood, Chris Cyprus, Peter Stanaway, David Porter, Paul Czainski, Chris Czainski, Sheila Meeks, Gina Ward, Jonathan Hargreaves, Debbie Goldsmith, Simon Parkin, Geoffrey Key, Matthew Thompson, Frances Seba Smith, Jiri Borsky, Janina Cebertowicz, Alan Knight & many more!

2nd-23rd November 2012: HARRY BRIOCHE: POETRY OF THE SKY Following his very successful solo show last year, we are delighted to present another wonderful exhibition of work by the ever-popular artist, Harry Brioche, featuring his dramatically atmospheric landscapes and seascapes.

5th - 26th October 2012: RICHARD CLARE: OVER THE HILLSIDE: A spectacular show by award-winning landscape artist Richard Clare. Richard is known for his colourful, dynamic paintings of the northern landscape of England, urban Manchester, Tuscany and France. Being colour blind, Richard uses colours not normally associated with the British landscape – this adds to the vitality of his work. For Richard the final picture is only one part of the painting process; he spends a lot of time walking and sketching the landscape, soaking up the atmosphere. Back in the studio, inspired by his sketches and his emotions he paints very quickly to capture the spontaneity in his paintings.

7th-28th September 2012: ALAN JOYCE & DAVID PORTER EXHIBITION: Alan Joyce explores a variety of subject matter in his work including rural and urban landscapes, coastal and seascapes as well as portraiture. He employs a variety of media, depending on the subject matter, including oils and oil pastels and, occasionally, watercolours, depicting scenes of Liverpool, Crosby Beach, Manchester and beyond.

David Porter concentrates mainly on contemporary landscape, achieving a semi-abstract composition. Mood/ atmosphere as well as accident/chance play a part in creating his paintings. His technique ‘suggests’ parts of the landscape thus stimulating the onlooker’s imagination to interpret the landscape in his/her own way.

6th July-31st August 2012: MIXED SUMMER EXHIBITION: Paintings, drawings and sculpture by over 40 artists including Darren Baker, Ian Jarman, Dawn Rowland, John Pegg, Richard Clare, Liam Spencer, Norman Long, Harry Brioche, Ari Rassul, Don McKinlay, Barbara Myers, Benson Landes, Colin Taylor, David Evans, Ben Kelly, Chris McLoughlin, Ian Norris, Michael Ashcroft, Jenny Ryrie, Helen Clapcott, Kenneth Lawson, Sir Peter Blake RA, Lisa De Prudhoe, Russel Howarth, Kevin Haynes, Jean Fenton, Fred Yates, Ken Howard RA, Barbara Rae RA CBE, Ghislaine Howard, Steve Capper, Michelle Leigh, Anne Aspinall, Julie Allen, Alan Joyce, Alan Thompson, Peter Stanaway, David Porter, Paul Czainski, Chris Czainski, Sheila Meeks, Gina Ward, Jonathan Hargreaves, Debbie Goldsmith, Simon Parkin, Geoffrey Key, Matthew Thompson, Frances Seba Smith, Jiri Borsky, Janina Cebertowicz, Alan Knight & many more!

Don McKinlay 1st-22nd June: Born in 1929 in Liverpool, Don McKinlay is undoubtedly one of the most important artists to come from the North-West of England in the past generation. This is an extraordinary exhibition by one of the few artists living in
Britain today who can be credited with a wide-ranging versatility in painting, sculpture and printmaking. McKinlay has participated in solo and group shows both at home and abroad. He has received the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Award, including the Major Award, for many of his paintings. He has also been commissioned for several public works.

The Gang of 4 + 1 Featuring Steve Capper, Kevin Haynes, Russel Howarth, Peter Stanaway & Jean Fenton 1st-22nd June: A lively exhibition featuring the diverse styles of 5 Northern artists. The painters, 'The Gang of 4', as they are affectionately known, have developed a loyal following for their wonderful depictions of the North. Exhibiting alongside the Gang of 4 will be Jean Fenton whose sculpture explores the natural grace and rhythms of the human form.

IAN JARMAN: RECENT WORK 4th-25th May: A solo show by Ian Jarman featuring his renowned mixed media on paper as well as his much admired oil paintings on board portraying iconic Manchester scenes, northern England and Suffolk. This exhibition has been eagerly awaited by the growing number of collectors of Ian Jarman's work.

DOUBLE VISION BY PAUL & CHRIS CZAINSKI: 30th March - 24th May 2012: We are excited to present this fantastic exhibition by the extraodinary artists Paul and Chris Czainski. Paul is best-known for his trompe l'oeil work and Chris for her assemblages from found objects. Both artists exhibit regularly in London as well as in the north and have attracted much praise for their unique and highly skilled styles. This exhibition features their work in a wide range of media including oil, crylic, watercolour, embroidery and even egg shells, and will cover a variety of subjects and genres.

7th-24th March: IAN GRANT (1904-1993) & EMMANUEL LEVY(1900-1986): An exhibition of work by two important artists who were very influential on the active Manchester art scene during the 20th century. Both were principal art teachers at the Manchester School of Art and both were prominent members of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts. Do come and view this wonderful exhibition which is from a period that is rapidly slipping far into the past. All works are for sale.

PAINTINGS BY KENNETH LAWSON (1920-2008) & JOHN PEGG (b. 1949): 10th February - 2nd March 2012: Oils, acrylics and watercolours spanning the life of the late Kenneth Lawson as well as new paintings in oil by John Pegg. This exhibition celebrates not only the strong bond of friendship stimulated over many years by their similarities in artistic taste and admiration of particular artists, but also in the deep contrast between their own work, born through each's individual interpretation, style and technique.

MIXED WINTER EXHIBITION: 7th December 2011 - 28th January 2012: Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture by over 40 artists. Our annual event which showcases nearly our entire stable of artists.

DANCE featuring DARREN BAKER & BENSON LANDES: 9th-30th November: A very special exhibition featuring bronze sculpture by the acclaimed sculptor, Benson Landes, together with paintings and drawings by the celebrated artist, Darren Baker, whose official portrail of H.M. The Queen was recently unveiled. Also included in this exhibition is work by Ghislaine Howard, Rob Hefferan, Michael Howard, Julia Midgley and David Boardman. Please contact the gallery for additional information.

HARRY BRIOCHE: LIGHTING THE LANDSCAPE: 4th-26th November A worderful exhibition of paintings by Harry Brioche whose impressive landscapes depict the beauty of the British countryside beneath its moody and spectacular skies. Harry is a master of portraying the play of light peeping through dramatic clouds and highlighting golden fields. He is equally adept at capturing the breathtaking freshness of wet sand and lapping sea.

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF RICHARD CLARE: Friday 7th - Saturday 29th October: A new exhibition by award-winning landscape artist Richard Clare. This show will feature oil and acrylic paintings of Manchester, the Northwest of England, Tuscany and the South of France.

DAVID EVANS: Wednesday 14th September - Saturday 8th October: We are very excited to present this solo exhibition of new work by David Evans. David's work has been very popular over the past few years in mixed and small group exhibitions. We are now pleased to be able to feature a large selection of work in his first solo show with the Wendy J Levy Gallery. The exhibition continues throughout September, see our website or contact on 0161 4464880 or visit our website at for more details.

MIXED SUMMER EXHIBITION: Wednesday 13th July - Saturday 27th August: Please join us for our 11th annual Mixed Summer Exhibition! Featuring paintings, drawings and sculpture by over 40 artists, the exhibition will continue until the end of August.

COLIN TAYLOR: The latest exhibition of work by artist Colin Taylor. Following his successful exhibition at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, this show features scenes of various landscapes from the Lake District to Asia to Northern Africa as well as drawings of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. This exhibition has been eagerly awaited by the growing number of collectors of Colin Taylor's work and we know it will be enjoyed by all who see it.

HARRY OUSEY AND THE ST IVES SCHOOL 6th May-1st June 2011: We are delighted to present this exhibition of work by selected artists who painted in Corwall during the 20th century. The main body of work is by Harry Ousey who was born in 1915 in Rusholme, Manchester. Also featured is work by some of the most famous British artists of the 20th century including Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, Patrick Heron, Sir Terry Frost, Mary Fedden, Fred Yates, Sandra Blow, Bryan Ingham, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Kenneth Lawson, Breon O'Casey, Joan Gillchrest and Bryan Wynter. Work by these artists is rarely available for purchase and infrequently seen outside London. This is truly an exceptional opportunity to see and purchase work by some of the most influential 20th century British artists.

WALKING THE DOG: FRANCES SEBA SMITH Friday 4th-Saturday 26th March 2011: Frances Seba Smith was born in Montreal, Canada. She studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts Montreal and, after graduating, worked as a graphic designer. In 1982 she gained a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Arts from Staffordshire University. Frances has exhibited her work extensively throughout the UK and abroad. She has work in permanent collection at the Grosvenor Museum and Art Gallery, Chester; Museum of Fine Arts Malta; St. Paul Minnesota Art Museum USA; British Midland Airways Manchester; Great Universal Stores Head Office, London; Chepstow House, Manchester and Masterworks Foundation, Bermuda. This exhibition features scenes experienced while walking the dog.

JOHN HAMILTON & NORMAN LONG: Friday 4th-Saturday 26th February 2011: the first exhibition of 2011 featuring work by the distinctive artists John Hamilton and Norman Long. This two-man show brings together two very different artistic styles and a variety of media and subject matter. The exhibition will continue throughout February, please contact us at the gallery if you would like additional information or see

MIXED WINTER EXHIBITION: Friday 3rd December 2010 - Saturday 29th January 2011: Paintings, drawings and sculpture by over 40 artists.

SHEILA MEEKS: RECENT PAINTINGS: Friday 5th - Saturday 27th November 2010: We are pleased to invite you to this exhibition of recent paintings by Sheila Meeks. Inspired by the landscape of the Pennine hills, which surround the artist's home, as well as places visited by the sea, such as Anglesey, St Ives and Tenby, these paintings capture and convey a sense of colour, excitement and discoveries.

This exhibition will run throughout November. For additional information, please contact the gallery or see

RICHARD CLARE: CONTRASTING LANDSCAPES: Friday 8th - Saturday 30th October 2010: We are delighted to invite you to this exciting exhibition of new paintings by Richard Clare depicting the contrasts of vibrant urban Manchester, the dramatic landscape of Northern England and the softer light of Italy and France. All are produced in Richard's energetic style and passionate use of colour. Richard's work has become increasingly collectable over the years and this show promises to be the same.

We know this exhibition will be enjoyed by all and is one not to be missed!

Friday 10th September- Saturday 2nd October: We are delighted to present this new exhibition of work by Derek Bradbury & Alan Joyce. Both artists have exhibited frequently with the Wendy J Levy Gallery resulting in many sales. Featuring vibrant coastal scenes, landscapes and cityscapes, we know this exhibition will be enjoyed by all. For additional information and images, please see our website or contact the gallery. We hope to see you very soon.

10th ANNIVERSARY SUMMER MIXED EXHIBITION: Friday 9th July - Saturday 28th August: We are delighted to present a very special Mixed Summer Exhibition celebrating our 10th anniversary in Didsbury. Please join us to see paintings, drawings and sculpture by more than 40 artists! For more information, please see the 'exhibitions' page on our website or contact the gallery. We hope to see you for this very exciting exhibition!

Sir Peter Blake RA & Sandra Blow RA: Friday 11th June - Saturday 3rd July 2010: We are delighted to present this extraordinary exhibition of silkscreen prints by Sir Peter Blake RA and Sandra Blow RA. This major exhibition from two of the best-known British artists is an incredible opportunity to purchase and admire pieces of cultural history. For more information, please visit IAN JARMAN - RECENT WORK
Ian Jarman's latest exhibition comprises his renowned mixed media on paper as well as his much admired oil paintings on board. Our long, hard winter inspired Ian to produce some wonderful snow scenes for this exhibition and, together with paintings of warmer days, he has portrayed Manchester in all seasons. This exhibition has been eagerly awaited by the growing number of collectors of Ian Jarman's work. His previous shows have attracted many buyers resulting in rapid sales. We know that this exhibition will be enjoyed by all who come to see it!

Debbie Goldsmith has been a practising artist since 1991. Known primarily for boldly coloured cityscapes, this exhibition is a fresh body of work including landscapes from in and around the Cheshire countryside.

COUNTRY LIFE by HIDEYUKI SOBUE 5th March-27th March. Help us welcome the Spring with this wonderful exhibition of exquisite new paintings by Hideyuki Sobue. Hideyuki was born in 1965 in Japan. He has lived in the U.K. since 2005 and has become known for the sensitive and distinctive style he has developed. Hideyuki describes his technique as follows: "I create images by first using a line hatching technique with Japanese sumi ink on canvas then laying transparent selective acrylics one by one so that I don't lose the condition of pure colour." This fascinating approach to bridging eastern and western influences creates a harmony that echoes throughout this superb exhibition.
Hideyuki's unique style has attracted a great deal of interest in the artistic community and was recently featured on the BBC Cumbria website. In 2006 he received the Peter Tyson Award at the Lake Artists Society Summer Exhibition and in 2008 was elected a member of the Lake Artists Society.

His works are held in private collections in Japan, UK, Australia, Canada and USA.

ALAN KNIGHT - RECENT PAINTINGS: 5th-27th February. Known for painting dramatic landscapes using thick layers of oil paint applied with a painting knife, Alan Knight has depicted the scenes UK including northwest England, Cornwall and the coasts of Scotland and Wales in this most recent exhibition. The rich colours and intensity of light define the mood of these paintings, giving them tremendous depth.

WINTER EXHIBITION: 4th December - 30th January. Our 2009/2010 Winter Exhibition is a superb mix of artists showing paintings, drawings and sculpture. More than 40 artists are represented in this exhilarating exhibition. We are delighted to be including two pieces by Winifred Nicholson as well as two by Julian Trevelyan.

Artists exhibiting work in this exhibition include Liam Spencer, Ian Jarman, Darren Baker, Dawn Rowland, Sir Peter Blake, Winifred Nicholson, Julian Trevelyan, Harry Ousey, Colin Taylor, Richard Clare, Dai David, Lisa De Prudhoe, Sheila Meeks, Michelle Leigh, Martin Murrey, Derek Bradbury, Julie Allen, Benson Landes, Patricia Niemira, Hideyuki Sobue, Anne Aspinall, Steve Capper, Kevin Haynes, Peter Stanaway, Russel Haworth, Alan Joyce, Alan Knight, Harry Brioche, Helen Clapcott, Janina Cebertowicz, Don McKinlay, Jonathan Hargreaves, David Evans, John Hamilton, Eva Hamilton-Fisher, Kenneth Lawson, Julia Midgley, John Pegg, Linda Weir and many more!

The newest collection of paintings by Lisa De Prudhoe. Lisa's unique style and precise technique sing throughout this show as she uses colour to illustrate sounds and rhythms. In this lively new show, Lisa explores this theme on both large and small canvases mirroring the intensity and calmness of sound.

Recognised as an important Latin American artist, Lisa will be participating in the Museum of Contemporary Art Panama's annual acution in the 'Maestro' category. A very prestigious honour, she is one of only fifteen in the category this year. She will also be included in the book El Rostro Atraz de la Obra - Maestros Contemporåneos de América Latina which is to be released in 2010.

'NIGHT & DAY' by RICHARD CLARE 2nd-24th October
New paintings featuring Manchester, Northern England, Tuscany, the French Riviera and Berlin.

The light experienced at different times of the day and night is the theme throughout this exhibition. The use of light is approached in a dramatic manner, contrasting between urban and country landscapes.

Exciting paintings featuring vibrant reds, stark blues and glazed sketches on her signature large canvases will be the theme of this new exhibition by Eva Hamilton-Fisher.

For this show, Eva has combined tradional painting techniques with contemporary feelings. The highly emotional pieces are definted by precision of composition, proportion and tones. Through her process, she builds the subjects by applying several layers using thin oil paint and willow charcoal giving the paintings exceptional depth.
We will be displaying Eva's exciting new work, including her new charcoal drawings.

31st July - 27th August We are showcasing work by most of our gallery's artists. This exhibition features a wide selection of work in a variety of media including painting, drawing, prints and sculpture. For information on artists included in this exhibition please visit our website.

RECENT ADDITIONS featured the work of well-established artists new to our gallery. Artists included in this exhibition were Darren Baker, Janina Cebertowicz, Don McKinlay, Paul Czainski, Teodora Pica, Jonathan Hargreaves, and Nigel Caple.

IAN JARMAN'S landscape of Manchester. This was yet another successful exhibition from Ian Jarman and we will be featuring his work again in our summer mixed show.

Liam Spencer was yet another successful show of paintings from Manchester, the Pennines, Cornwall and Naples.

Exciting exhibition of Sir Peter Blake's iconic screen prints. The silk screen prints are still available through the gallery.

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