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From February to May 2010 "SHAGE Opera Paper Dolls" by JIANG JIAN, a collection of 100 years old paper dolls from the collection of the French Ministry of Culture. From 21 November 2009 to 22 January 2010: W. Eugene Smith Grant recipient for Humanistic Photography LU GUANG is showing his Pollution in China series baptised REQUIEM FOR MOUNTAINS & WATERS.

September-October 2009 = LOMO YUANMIN presents the most creative B&W work of the Haipai photographer Lu Yuanmin who plays with his point & shoot lomo to unsuspected surrealistic effects.

July-August 2009: INTERIOR PORTRAITS by Wang Gang who attempts this time to color the portraits of Tibetans and the Yi people inside their home, producing a chiaroscuro reminiscent of Thomas Eakin's realistic painting. The show is also visible in Brussels at Le Brass from October 09 to February 2010.

May-June 2009: Belgian photographer Eric Mannerts has lived and travelled to Morocco for the past 20 years, an adept of Cartier-Bresson and Bernard Plossu his classic B&W "Un VOYAGE MAROCAIN" is a hymn to this scented and enchanting kingdom

April to May 2009: BEIJING SIXTY SIX - Solange Brand has captured without knowing it the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in Beijing in 1966 in Agfa Color, stunning nostalgia for old red guards.

January to March 2009 "North East Men" by Wang Fuchun
a humanist and refreshing portrait of the vanishing natural habitat of the Greater North-East of China.

November to December 2008 "EARTH & FIRE" by HU LI =
For two thousand years the people of Shaanxi Longxian have been taking up the tradition to celebrate the Earth God and the Fire Ancestor in the Shehuo Carnival by parading in opera disguise. They would paint their faces and dress in ancient costumes assuming the personality of the heroes or avatars they represent. We can compare this festival to the All Saints Day in the European tradition, a sort of Chinese Halloween.
Photographer Hu Li has chosen to portraituring these costumed figures one by one and combined them into diptychs of a front shot plus a back shot.

From September 13th through November 13 –
"The South China Lover"
Yunnan photographer Li Zhixiong after a chance encounter with an old man on the train that runs on the French built railway linking Haiphong to Kunming decided to reconstitute through photography an unusual story of two ill-fated lovers.
Although Li has never read Marguerite Duras’ famous book “The North China Lover” and never heard of French photographer Bernard Faucon, viewers familiar with Faucon’s mannequins and Duras’ novels could discern the evocation of the romance under the tropical sensuality of French Indochina and the bold attempt at conceptual photography.
Li Zhixiong’s stage setting however is a refreshing and poignant visual experience depicting a young Chinese railroad worker in Mao vest interacting with a window mannequin dressed like a Western woman. The fascinating roman-photo at times lyrical and naïve painting, a la Ed Hopper, touches on timeless love and nostalgia of the colonial era, opening a window to a little known short piece of history of the French colonial influence in China at the end of the Qing dynasty.

From July 26 to September 12: exhibition of POK CHI LAU’s “RED WALLS”

Pok Chi Lau, American photographer of Chinese origin and professor at Kansas University, author of a documentary on Asian immigrants in the US, has recently combined into diptychs wall graffiti from the Cultural Revolution with scenes of daily life captured in the Guangdong of 1979.
His diptychs seems to radiate a sort of hidden plot, so saturated with abstruseness that an aura of nearly suffocating fury seemed to pierce through. At the same time the serene structure reveals a carrying sense of warmth, memory, and a hidden pain of time passing.
Diptychs of color and B&W photographs 45cm x 100cm

June 7 till July 11 2008: Thierry Girard "5 WAYS 4 SEASONS - Fengshui Landscape" a confrontation of Girard's work in China on the footsteps of Victor Segalen and his work in France at the Vassiviere lake...both inspired by Daoist concept of Wu Wei.
Klavdij Sluban: East to East
World renowned photographer Klavdij Sluban, who has built his reputation on photographic workshops for juvenile delinquents in prisons, has been photographing China since 2003 the year he was invited to the Pingyao photo festival.
In French there is an expression “entre chien et loup” that means a time in the early morning or late evening when it is too dark to differentiate a dog from a wolf. That expression characterizes the play of black and grey in Sluban’s photography and also the ambiguity in the meanings of his images, the limit between the familiar that puts us at ease, and the unknown which signals danger. A tireless walker when he is hunting for images, Sluban is most alert in these wee hours, walking the fine line between shadow and light, hope and fear.
Photo aficionados and collectors should not miss the show of these remarkable classical gelatin silver prints that runs from April 26 to June 5.
December 2007 Jiang Jian: Ma Jie Folk Singers, a documentary of the folk artist gathering during Chinese New Year at the Ma Jie Festival by one of the most respected documentary photographers in China.
Jan-Feb 2008 "YI IN THE WILD" by Wang Gang the talented photographer winner of second prize of 2007 World Press Photo category portrait. Stunning black & white portraits both touching and spiritual some even angel-like made in Greater Liangshan area of the Sichuan Province of this minority YI passed over and forgotten by China's accelerating economic transformation. Opening January 5th 2008 the show lasted till 15th of March 08.March-April 2008: Paper Men by Yan Changjiang
Albert Camus once said: “A novel is never anything but a philosophy put into images.” Yan Changjiang, a natural born writer, and well known photographer from “Night Zoo” and “The Three Gorges” – has completed a 10-year photographic project “Paper Men” together with a short novel of over 50-thousand-word. Yan is the only one to make use of the traditional funerary paper dolls as the only subjects and models in a conceptual photographic creation while remaining in the classical photographic tradition. Book: “Paper Men” - 120p with 48 photographs published by International Publishing House for China’s Culture – ISBN 978-0-9814698-0-5 to order please write to:

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