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The LUXE Art Museum presents a collaboration of “Chinese Desires” by 3 artists Li Jin, Wu Yi and Nan Qi. This exhibition brings together 3 Chinese artists who shares different aspects of desires in their national sentiments. The word desire was birthed from Latin dēsīderāre meaning to covet, crave, want and wish. Gone are the days where clothing was just a means to cover and keeping warm, food to keep the stomach from hunger. Globalization in today’s world has not only changed but increased the demand of modern technology and luxuries as well. The fundamentals of mere survival and basic needs of the past have evolved to become a better name “lifestyle” which spurs a pursuit of never-ending profit, proliferation and social obligations. The Chinese people of today have a different level of expectations and desires where their wants and needs supersede their former fundamentals. This exhibition will illustrate these lifestyle desires with each artist responding in their individual style. Li Jin’s works relate to the quality of everyday activities such as eating, drinking, dreaming and lazing around; sights, sounds and smells which truly depict the very common intimate details of his own life. Eating and drinking is perhaps one of the activities that we indulge most of our time in a day which is routine, but don’t be surprised to find food in Li Jin’s paintings as he has the ability to transcend these mundane elements with a humorous slant yet engaging the viewers to appreciate them as everyday desires. Wu Yi, on the other hand celebrates his pleasures on traditional pursuits. His series of paintings are influenced by the rural atmosphere Mapo where he and his wife reside. His works are forthcoming as one would wonder if his subject matter were floating in the air as perspective may not be gravitational yet they are graceful mannered like himself. It is neither flashy nor ornate, simply expressing his romanticism towards the rural self. In comparison with Li Jin and Wu Yi, Nan Qi’s paintings appears the least in traditional forms, in this series of works he has chosen to work with mannequins as they are symbolic icons of all our autumn/winter, spring/summer fashion trends. As lifeless as they may seem behind each window showcase the artist brings life into them with his ink. It is fascinating to see how Nan Qi uses the tradition technique of brush and ink to imitate the computer generated matrix and emulate the fragments of urban life.

Li Jin (Associate Professor in Traditional Chinese Painting Department
Of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts)

Wu Yi (A lecturer in the Mural Painting Department
Of Central Academy of Fine Arts)

Nan Qi (A professional artist in Beijing)

Exhibitions runs from the 7th August to 7th September 2008

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