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At the Water’s Edge

30 September - 20 October, 2009

EE Fine Art is proud to present a solo exhibition by the acclaimed Russian artist, Eugene Ivanov. A member of The Artists Union of Latvia, Ivanov has been painting and drawing for many years. His amazing and original use of watercolour on textured paper marks him out from his peers. His figurative paintings are influenced by cubism, but his choice of subject matter (mainly street life and scenes), and the humour he infuses into them, give them a style and originality all of their own. His landscapes are also very impressive, more subtle than his figurative work they float on the edge of consciousness. He uses the watercolour with outstanding expertise and skill, creating fascinating, delicate landscapes. The textures he achieves are captivating, whilst the freshness of colour in his paintings and confidence with which he paints give his work a unique luminosity. Eugene Ivanov made his first painting in 1988 and since then he has created over 900 graphics and paintings. Since 1989 Ivanov has actively participated in both group and solo exhibitions. His first solo exhibition was in autumn 2002 in the Czech Republic and was organized with the support of the Ostrava group of artists called ‘Spolek Mlejn’. For the last 8 years Eugene Ivanov has lived and worked in Prague, co-operating with Prague and Ostrava galleries and publishing houses. This included the publication of a colouring book of his figures in 2000 with the publishing house ‘Pierot’. He also won first prize in the competition of illustrations organised by the Belgian publishing house ‘Wallonie-Bruxelles’. His works are held in several private collections in Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Poland, Russia, UK and USA.

Rental Artwork
9 September - 29 September, 2009

Do you want a piece of art work but can’t afford it? Do you want to brighten up your workplace whilst making a statement? Then this is the exhibition for you. EE Fine Art is proud to present an exhibition of exceptional contemporary Russian and Eastern European artworks, that, for the first time ever, will be available to rent, from as little as £2 per week, or 30p per day, giving you the opportunity to try as many paintings as you like paintings in a variety of settings. It really is luxury on a shoe string! Not only is this ideal for domestic environments, it is also a fun and beautiful way to enliven corporate interiors and give inspiration to employees and clients alike, with very little outlay. Art makes wonderful and engaging talking point for parties, meetings or over dinner with your family, whilst bringing beauty and colour into your environment. We also offer a hanging service, so you can get the best out of your painting, and can change it as many times as you like with minimal inconvenience. An excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to revitalize their home or office or just can’t make up their mind!

Summer Exhibition

29 July - 8 September, 2009

EE Fine Art is please to present its annual summer exhibition featuring a wide variety of the gallery’s top artists as well as a glorious selection of paintings, glassware, ceramics and prints. This exhibition promises to give everyone that summery feeling, whatever the weather!

Painted Ladies

17 June - 8 July, 2009

EE Fine Art is pleased to present an exhibition that explores the methods used to depict the female form through paint, featuring Cristian Lapusan, Anna Demovidova and Dmytro Dobrovolsky. Each artist in this exhibition is very distinctive, and through their work, show different ideals of female beauty and the ways in which the artists view, depict and celebrate the female form. Dobrovolsky’s females are beautiful and stylised; their elegant lines flow with sensuous serenity and confidence. Demovidova, packs her paintings with attitude. Originally from Russia, she now lives and works in Washington DC. Her paintings utilise thick oils, perfectly depicting the planes of the female body. Her paintings capture unguarded moments in the women’s lives, moments of contemplation that are strangely private. Their raw power contrasts with Lapusan’s smoother, more idealised females. Lapusan’s paintings often deal with environmental issues, using female perfection and his own language of symbols to convey meaning. Painted in acrylics they are amazingly realistic, displaying exceptional skill and sensitivity. This exhibition is a celebration of the gallery artist’s characteristic styles and manners of the female form and the skills that artists utilise to represent aspects of this subject matter, in other words, ‘I did it my way!’

6 May - 16 June, 2009
EE Fine Art is delighted to welcome two exciting and innovative artists on board; the Ukrainian born Yuriy Shevchuk and the Russian born Gena Ivanov in this stunning new Exhibition. Both artists are very different in the way that they perceive and interpret the world, their passions in life and both have the amazing ability to give life to their subject, which in turn intoxicates and deeply engages the viewer. Yuri Shevchuk’s two passions in life are painting and jazz music. He skillfully and rapidly sketches the cool and charming figures of musicians in action. His lively and spontaneous paintings expertly translate the atmosphere and verve of the music, using dripping, seeping paints and pastels. In the presence of Shevchuk’s paintings one can almost hear the blues, feel the beguiling emotions and impassioned feelings of the musicians translated through this artist. The artist Gena Ivanov paints in many different styles and materials. His artworks exude bold, vibrant colours, sinuous provocative movement and vitality. In particular, he has always found the male form to be inspiring, his portraiture of the male as subject is anatomically precise and that gives a nod to his early love of modern dance and drama. Ivanov says he wants his paintings to stimulate and inspire people, lifting them from the mundane and the grey drabness of everyday banality and overwork. This promises to be an absolutely fascinating Exhibition and an amazing opportunity to see the work of two exceptional artists who exhibit their artworks all over the world.

‘Points of View’
25 March - 5 May, 2009
EE Fine Art is pleased to present an exciting and thought-provoking exhibition featuring two very different landscape painters: Ilgvars Zalans and Lena Kurovska. both artists see the world in a different way and have very distinct methods of translating what they see into paint. Zalans’ landscapes are exuberant and striking. Zalans, a member of the Artists Union of Latvia, mainly paints outside on location. From the bustling streets of Morocco to the gorgeous countryside of Moldova his paintings are joyfully depictions of life. Lena Kurovska, also prefers to paint on location, giving her subtle impressionistic paintings of the English countryside a sense of spontaneity and wilderness that beautifully complements the other works in this exhibition. Both artists have travelled widely giving each of them an individual view and making this a fascinating and enlightening exhibition for anyone interested in the world around them.

‘Keeping it Small’
January Sale
3 January - 20 January, 2009
EE Fine Art invites you to our January Sale, ‘Keeping it Small’, featuring outstanding and inspirational work, from a selection of Eastern European and Russian artists. The gallery will offer a wide selection of different styles from cubism to surrealism, impressionism to futurism and naïve art to graffiti by talented established and emerging artists. The gallery will offer a wide selection of different styles from cubism to surrealism, impressionism to futurism and naïve art to graffiti by talented established and emerging artists including Lena Kurovska, Natalia Piacheva, Olgierd Pikiewicz, Jindrich Pevny, Ilgvars Zalans, Andrey Lipatov, Eugene Ivanov, Oleg Sheludyakov, Adrian Paiu, Zsolt Gyarmati, Yuliy Takov, Adrian Doni and Karol Petres.

‘A Curious Dream’
21 January - 10 February, 2009
EE Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition displaying outstanding work by Romanian artist Roxana Donisanu. An enchanting selection of magical paintings will be on view between 21st January and 10th February in the heart of Cambridge, just behind the Grafton Centre. Her stunning lyrical paintings are thick with narrative and meaning. Donisanu depicts a world of dreams and emotions one can easily relate to. Strongly reminiscent of Chagall and Picasso, she uses cubist forms combined with delicate, subtle colours to create her own escapist style. Gallery owners Mark and Louise Stephenson comment: “Metaphorically, there is more beneath the surface. Roxana’s spectacular works are a very refreshing change for those seeking something different. ”

‘All Things Pretty’
11 February - 3 March, 2009
EE Fine Art are pleased to present a stunning selection of beautiful, poetic paintings, from the best of the gallery’s artists, including Taras Gladyrenko, Dmytro Dodrovolsky, Jindich Pevný and Ilgvars Zalans, all carefully chosen to display the romantic side of life. This exhibition is bursting with inspired and unusual gift ideas to show someone how you really feel this Valentine’s Day, or just to celebrate life and love this spring. From Zalans’ beautifully vibrant flower filled paintings, to Pevnýs charmingly naive works, to Gladyrenkos exceptionally romantic oils, there is something for everyone here: all displayed alongside a stunning collection of prints, watercolours, glassware and ceramics. We shall also be offering discounts to all mailing list members! An unmissable exhibition: certain to brighten up the dark winter months and remind us of our loved ones this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

‘Art Plus Science’
4 March - 21 March, 2009
EE Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition of outstanding work by Hungarian artist Prokop Igor Jenő as part of The Cambridge Science Festival. A fascinating selection of paintings and glassware will be on display between 29th April and 14th May in the heart of Cambridge, just behind the Grafton Centre. Describing himself as a ‘biologist-artist’ it is easy to see the part science plays in his painting and glass work. Originally he studied biology and drawing, qualifying as a biology teacher in 1978. He went on to further studies in biology as well as philosophy, film aesthetics and design, the influences of which can be seen in his work. His paintings are explosive capturing moments, as if under a microscope, of impulsive creation and implosion. They are alive with organic natural forms, painted precisely and with scientific accuracy, the defined outlines reminiscent of cell membranes. His fused glass bowls are less fitful, reflecting the natural forms that he sees around him and on his travels; they still have the feel of particles coming together to form a whole. This exhibition is also featured on the Natural History Website and is part of the Darwin 200 celebrations.

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